The 10 best films of 31 Days of Horror

Daniel Stephens looks back at Top 10 Films' 31 Days of Horror, when the site dedicated itself to horror and saw a horror film reviewed each day. Find out which of the 31 films reviewed was the editor's favourite.

The eternal horror of the maze

Why is the maze such a good way of thrilling the senses and conveying suspense in film? Claire Packer joins Top 10 Films' 31 Days of Horror to find out.

Review: Dread

Three students decide to study fear as part of their university thesis in this horror film based on a Clive Barker short story. Anthony DiBlasi is the first-time director.

Top 10 Films prepares for 31 Days of Horror

Top 10 Films prepares for thirty-one sleepless nights as 31 Days of Horror begins October 1st. Thirty-one days, thirty-one horror films!