Action (Bus Rides To Avoid)
Action (Ensemble Cast)
Action (Heroes, 1980s)
Action (Hong Kong)
Adventure (1980s – Childhood and Family)
Adventure (Comic Book Film Villains)
Adventure (Comic Book Film Villains of 2014)
Anime (Japanese Animation)
Animation (CGI)
Animation (Traditional)
Animation (Voice Performances)
Buddy Films
Comedies that Stand the Test of Time
Comedy (Australian)
Comedy (Buddy Films)
Comedy (British, after 1980)
Comedy (Characters, 1980s)
Comedy (Funny Food Moments)
Comedy (Inspired by British TV)
Comedy (Road Trip)
Comedy (Adam Sandler)
Comedy (Bill Murray Quotes)
Comedy (Charlie Chaplin)
Comedy (Chevy Chase)
Comedy (John Candy)
Comedy (Satire)
Comedy (Steve Martin)
Comedy (Tom Hanks)
Comedy (Whoopi Goldberg)
Cult Films
Disaster Films
Disaster Films – Plane Crashes
Documentary (Music)
Drama (Courtroom)
Drama (Male Adventures in Self Discovery)
Family (Comedy)
Fantasy – Superhero
Fantasy – Time Travel
French New Wave (Jean-Luc Godard)
French New Wave (Francois Truffaut)
Giallo (Italian Mystery-Thriller-Horror-Sexploitation)
Horror (10 Things Missing From Andy Muschietti’s “It” That Made The Book Better)
Horror (1980s)
Horror (2000s)
Horror (1967-1979) Part 1 – 30-21
Horror (1967-1979) Part 2: 20-11
Horror (1967-1979) Part 3: 10-1
Horror (Australia)
Horror (Beginnings)
Horror (British)
Horror (Camp Comedy)
Horror (Canadian)
Horror (Characters – Jerks)
Horror (Found-Footage)
Horror (for adults but starring children)
Horror (French)
Horror (Friday the 13th movies)
Horror (Ghost Stories)
Horror (Influential American Horror)
Horror (Innovative Deaths in 1980s Horror)
Horror (Japan)
Horror (Lovecraft Influences)
Horror (Medical Procedures Gone Bad)
Horror (Modern Vampire)
Horror (Overlooked Horror)
Horror (Scandinavia)
Horror (Scary characters in kid’s films)
Horror (Scariest films ever made)
Horror (Scariest Monsters)
Horror (Scariest Scenes)
Horror (Sequels)
Horror (Set in the Woods)
Horror (Slasher Films)
Horror (Spanish)
Horror (Success at the Oscars)
Horror (True Stories)
Horror (Twisted Moments)
Horror (USA)
Horror (Vacations From Hell)
Horror (Werewolf)
Horror (Zombies)
Independent (Under The Radar)
Indie Films
Kung Fu (1970s)
Kung Fu (1980s)
Kung Fu (1990s)
Neo Noir
Police Procedural (Corrupt Cops)
Romance (Husbands & Wives)
Romance (Romantic Night In)
Science-Fiction Horror
Science-Fiction (1990s)
Science-Fiction (1980s – Children and Family)
Science-Fiction – Time Travel
Short Film (Charlie Chaplin)
Silent Film (Charlie Chaplin)
Silent Film (10 Films Made Before 1930 You Have To See)
Sport – British
Sport – Football (Soccer)
Sport – Inspirational
Suspense/Thriller – Real Life Serial Killers
Teen Drama – 1980s
Teen Drama – Coming-of-Age (USA, 1980s)
Teen Drama – American High School
Teen Drama – Rebellion
Thriller/Suspense – Alfred Hitchcock Films

Thriller/Suspense – Murder Investigations (1990s)
Thriller/Suspense – Revenge
War – Painful Military Deaths
War – Second World War

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