Top 10 Films Featuring Actors In Multiple Roles
Top 10 Performances By Child Actors & Teenagers In English-Language Films
Top 10 Voice Performances In Animated Films
Top 10 Performances by Actors Over 60
Aykroyd, Dan
Bening, Annette
Bridges, Jeff
Bronson, Charles (The Good)
Bronson, Charles (The Bad)
Buscemi, Steve
Cage, Nicolas
Caine, Michael
Candy, John
Chaplin, Charlie
Carrey, Jim
Chase, Chevy
Costner, Kevin
Crawford, Joan
Curtis, Jamie Lee
Curtis, Tony
Cusack, John
Day-Lewis, Daniel
De Niro, Robert
DeVito, Danny
DiCaprio, Leonardo
Douglas, Michael
Downey Jr., Robert
Dreyfuss, Richard
Eastwood, Clint
Eastwood, Clint (Best Of…Team Compilation)
Ford, Harrison
Foster, Jodie
Fox, Michael J.
Freeman, Morgan
Gandolfini, James
Goldberg, Whoopi
Green, Eva
Hackman, Gene
Hackman, Gene (Thrillers)
Hanks, Tom (Feelgood Films)
Hanks, Tom 1984 to 1989
Hanks, Tom 1990 to 2010
Harrelson, Woody
Hoffman, Dustin
Hoffman, Dustin (Performances)
Hopper, Dennis
Keaton, Michael
Keitel, Harvey
Knightley, Keira
Martin, Steve
McConaughey, Matthew
McDormand, Frances
McDowell, Malcolm
McGregor, Ewan
Murphy, Eddie (Films)
Murphy, Eddie (Characters)
Nicholson, Jack
Oldman, Gary
Oldman, Gary (the films you’ve not heard of)
Paxton, Bill
Pfeiffer, Michelle
Redford, Robert
Roberts, Julia
Rourke, Mickey
Ryan, Meg
Ryder, Winona
Sandler, Adam
Scheider, Roy
Schwarzenegger, Arnold
Slater, Christian
Spinell, Joe
Stanton, Harry Dean
Streep, Meryl (by Julia Kukiewicz)
Streep, Meryl (by Luke Tatge)
Taylor, Elizabeth
Temple, Shirley
Welsh Born Actors
Williams, Robin
Willis, Bruce
Willis, Bruce (films with a numerical reference in their title)
Woods, James

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