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What is a Double Feature? A Double Feature was an old Hollywood theatre practice whereby two films were screened for the price of one. Sometimes, studios would force theatre owners to show the films they chose – usually a big-budget film was accompanied by a cheaply made B-picture. At other times, theatre owners chose which films to show, usually picking movies that complemented each other. The practice eventually died out but recently Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino tried to revive the Double Feature with their Grindhouse films. Although it didn’t work with modern cinema audiences, the films have found a new lease of life on home video. The Midnight Double Feature series aims to find movies that would work perfectly together as a Double Feature. With the bonus of being at home – heading to the kitchen for a quick snack, or not worrying about disturbing anyone when it’s time for that much needed toilet break – the Double Feature can live long and prosper in the comfort of our own living rooms.

Midnight Double Feature #1: After Hours & Into The Night
Midnight Double Feature #2: An American Werewolf In London & The Howling
Midnight Double Feature #3: Heathers & Class of 1984
Midnight Double Feature #4: Kentucky Fried Movie & Amazon Women on the Moon
Midnight Double Feature #5: Explorers & Flight of the Navigator
Midnight Double Feature #6: The Apartment & Some Like It Hot