Catherine Steadman – Interview: Actress Catherine Steadman Swaps Downton Abbey For The West End In Tom Morton-Smith’s New Play “Oppenheimer”
Dana Melanie – Interview: The New “Final Girl” – Dana Melanie on Acting, Ambition & Running Around Barefoot in the Woods
Danny Dyer – Danny Dyer talks about new film Deviation, his approach to acting, and his aspirations for the future
Dustin Hoffman – Ratso’s hang-ups, Sumner’s ordeal, Braddock’s sexual desire: The Life and Characters of Dustin Hoffman
Holli Dempsey – Interview: British Actress Holli Dempsey On Dad’s Army Remake & Working With Ricky Gervais
Michael Caine – Top 10 Michael Caine Films
Robin Williams – Robin Williams Knew Laughter Was The Best Medicine
Steve Martin – Steve Martin was ‘born standing up’: A Brief Introduction
Tom Hanks – The Boy, The Man, The Boy Again: A brief biography of Tom Hanks
Xavier Atkins – Interview: Xavier Atkins Talks Green Screen Magic, Annoying Little Brothers & Tim Burton’s House

Alien – Women in the Horror Film – Ripley, the Alien & the Monstrous Feminine
Chato’s Land – “Chato’s Land” is No Ground Breaker
Cinema Firsts – As Top 10 Films reaches its first year anniversary, Daniel Stephens takes a look at ten cinema firsts including the first film he went to see at the cinema, first crush and first favourite film.
Eaten Alive – A retrospective look at the film, its reputation and of exploitation horror
Harry Potter – Guide to the Harry Potter films – 1 to 6
Harry Potter – The Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros. Studios London
Houdini’s Magic Ticket – What if you had a magic ticket that let you transport yourself into any film you wished.
Houdini’s Magic Ticket – Find out what happened when my wife got hold of my magic ticket!
Jaws – The Unseen Monster
Last Action Hero – What if Houdini’s magic ticket existed: what film would you want to be magically transported into?
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Wicker Man, The – The Wicker Man – The “Original Vision” May Be Lost Forever

Darren Aronofsky – Interview: The director talks about making Black Swan
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Keith Gordon – Top 10 Films interview with the writer-director (Part 1)
Keith Gordon – Top 10 Films interview with the writer-director (Part 2)
Michael Bartlett – Interview: Michael Bartlett, the Director of New Horror “Treehouse”, Talks About The Art of Suspense
Steven Spielberg – Steven Spielberg Week | Intro – The Coming of the Blockbuster | Introducing the Man behind the Camera | E.D. Cameron looks at Spielberg’s influence on the film industry | Spielberg makes the impossible possible | Jaws 5 – the movie pitch! | Spielberg dares to parody himself in Jurassic Park | Lawrence of Arabia: The Film that Inspired Spielberg | It wasn’t all a bed of roses between David Lean and his most famous fan Steven Spielberg | Did Spielberg direct Poltergeist? | Top 10 Steven Spielberg Films | Jaws: The Unseen Monster
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Blockbusters – The Coming of the Blockbuster
Blockbusters – The High-Concept Movie
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