“The Ones Below” Is An Impressive Debut From Writer-Director David Farr

David Farr's debut as writer-director is an immersive, enigmatic domestic thriller that will keep audiences guessing...

Old & New Is Revealed In Latest X-Men: Apocalypse Poster

X-Men: Apocalypse will pick up the story of mutants versus mutants verses humans and be released in cinemas across the UK on May 18...
Posted On 10 Mar 2016

“Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth” Gives Franchise The Hollywood Touch

Mark Fraser revisits a film which ends up being more about cinematic bluster than claustrophobic suspense...
Posted On 10 Mar 2016

“Independence Day: Resurgence” Poster Promises More Of The Same

Independence Day Resurgence gets new UK poster. Are we ready for the sequel 20 years later..?
Posted On 10 Mar 2016