An Aussie lad with a love of cinema, Rodney Twelftree parlayed his interest in films into a website dedicated to reviewing them. Currently Editor In Chief at, Rodney spends much of his time watching films, television, reading science fiction novels and trawling the internet for news and reviews on all things film.

Rodney’s first major film influence was born out of going to the local town hall to watch a screening of whatever film the local council decided to get for the district (rural Australia is quite boring, folks!), which included Chariots Of Fire, The Santa Claus Movie, and Phar Lap. Christmas holiday cinema viewing included ET, Crocodile Dundee, Back To The Future and – perhaps the best – The Gods Must Be Crazy. To see these films in a cinema provoked a love of the medium that has never waned. Serious VHS collecting kicked off in 1993 when Rodney got a job and could afford to buy his favorite films on tape. Among his proudest achievements is reducing his copy of The Lion King to plastic trash three months after purchase – followed up by similar treatment of Aladdin – constant re-watching making them all but un-viable as quality viewing.

A child of the 80’s, Rodney’s love of film really took off with television broadcasts of films his parents would let him watch – Short Circuit, The Neverending Story, The Last Starfighter, Gremlins and Star Wars all became high-rotation recordings during the mid 80’s. When DVD became the latest technology in 1997, Rodney embraced the format eagerly, due mainly to the increased picture and sound quality, but also for the fact that films were presented in their original aspect ratio, not the cropped television versions he was used to.

2001 saw Rodney team up with his brother to form Fernby Films, a film production company dedicated to shooting no-budget videos and editing them for friends and family. Also in 2001, Rodney began reviewing DVD’s for an Adelaide-based internet company, a task he really enjoyed (mainly due to the fact he often received free DVD’s for his trouble) for several years, before a falling out with the website’s owner led to his departure. Rodney’s enjoyment of reviewing films, however, meant he wasn’t going to stay silent on the web for very long, and in 2007, was born.

In 2008 Rodney produced and directed Schoolyard Justice, a short film about a young lad who gets the upper hand over his school tormentor. This experience taught him just how difficult creating even the smallest film with no budget can be: an experience that he brings to the table each time he reviews a new film. Film is more than just a series of moving images on the screen – often, it’s hundreds and thousands of hours of work by a variety of people behind the scenes, and this fact needs to be respected before simply ripping into a film for being rubbish.It also taught him that it’s easier to sit around at home and watch a film, criticise it, and get some sleep at night, than it is to actually get off his ass and make one himself.

Some of Rodney’s favorite films are Armageddon, Moulin Rouge, Twister, and Transformers, which might say more about his taste in films than he cares to admit. He has never met a major Hollywood star, although he did meet an extra from a Pauly Shore film once, an experience which was more exciting than you’d imagine. The closest he came to true Hollywood was standing next to an actual Oscar, the statuette housed in the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam and donated to it by the recipient, Shelley Winters. He has photographic proof. He plans to travel to Hollywood one day, visit the Warner Bros lot and take plenty of photos of that, too.

Rodney is editor-in-chief at – Check out the site here

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