As a technology journalist, it may seem like Andy’s primary passion should be for the latest gadget and while this is strictly true, tech has always had to share its attention with film.

So many events have helped shape Andy’s love of film and cinema, starting with seeing Star Wars at a young age and subsequently receiving Alan Frank’s Sci-Fi Now book a year later, to his appreciation of horror forming during the video nasty scares in the 80s and 90s, along with the “Eurofest” festivals held at the Everyman cinema in London.

Rather than saying one particular film holds the position of his favourite, Andy has a list of films that “click” with him, including American Graffiti, Videodrome, Grosse Pointe Blank, Ghostbusters, American Psycho and Suspiria.

Andy also collects Blu-ray and DVD steelbooks and limited edition releases, however this often expensive hobby has to compete with the equally expensive problem of being a serial early-adopter of new technology.

You can follow Andy on Twitter for movie and tech talk, or for links to the other websites and magazines he contributes to, visit his website.

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