Review: Surrogates

Surrogates is a cautionary tale about our increasing reliance on technology. The concept is intriguing as Bruce Willis attempts to piece together a murder plot involving robots and their human users. The film muses on the idea of a society living life where human dysfunction and...

Review: Surveillance

Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond are the FBI agents tracking a pair of violent killers in Jennifer Lynch's brilliantly suspenseful feature film debut. Daniel Stephens reviews this twisty thriller from the daughter of Blue Velvet and The Elephant Man director David Lynch.

The Peasant Is King In Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood”

Ridley Scott's Robin Hood steers clear of the legend audiences know and love but in presenting the beginnings of the myth the film is an original take on the story.

Review: Shelter

A question for Julianne Moore? Why did you accept an invitation to star in this movie?

Review: Kick-Ass

Writer-director team Matthew Vaughan and Jane Goldman return for this superhero movie about a hero who doesn't have any super powers.

Review: Children of Men

Daniel Stephens takes a look back at Alfonso Cuaron's powerful, dystopian sci-fi starring Clive Owen, Julianne Moore and Michael Caine.

Review: Doom

In one of the great self-reflexive moments of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Ben Affleck tells Matt Damon: "You gotta do a safe picture, then you can do an art picture. But then sometimes you gotta do the paycheck picture because your friend says you owe him." It's...

Review: Murder on a Sunday Morning

This cracking documentary charts the trial of murder suspect Brenton Butler after a tourist is shot and killed in Florida. It highlights the terrific work of Butler's defence team as well as serious flaws in police procedure.