Zombie Advert Wins at MOFILM 2012

MOFILM, which invites filmmakers to make commercials for leading brands, unveils its Chevrolet Volt winner. This zombie apocalypse sees the Volt's extended range come to the fore.

Jaws arrives on UK shores for limited release

Jaws in back! In preparation of its Sep 3rd Blu-ray release, Universal is exhibiting the film in select theatres across the UK this week. Time to see Jaws on the BIG SCREEN!

The world of Simon Pegg: Best Roles

With the release of Simon Pegg’s new film A Fantastic Fear of Everything out in cinema’s today we are celebrating the global recognition of his acting with a look back at his best films to date.

“The Bourne Legacy” Trailer Arrives

Bourne is not done; well, at least, someone who acts uncannily like him and is in a film bearing his name is not done. Top 10 Films has the new trailer for The Bourne Legacy.

Lammy 2012 nomination for best blogathon

Top 10 Films is nominated for Best Blogathon in the 2012 Lammy Awards. Thanks to all who voted for the site - you lovely people!

Future Classic Movies blogathon

Rear Window, 12 Angry Men, Citizen Kane - all considered as "classics", but what films made in the last ten or so years will be considered in a similar light in 2050?

The Lammys are here…2012 movie blogger awards

The 2012 Lammys are here to celebrate the best movie websites and Top 10 Films is on the campaign trail.

Trailer Revealed for Sacha Baron Cohen’s New Film “The Dictator”

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat, Ali G and Bruno, returns to British cinema screens May 16th as Admiral General Aladeen, or, as comically celebrated in the film's title: The Dictator.