Review: Hammett

Wim Wenders pays homage to film noir and pulp fiction is this fictionalised story of writer Dashiell Hammett. Andrew Boxall takes a look at this 1982 film produced by Francis Ford Coppola.
Posted On 12 Dec 2011

Review: Wrecked

Adrien Brody wakes up to find himself in a car wreck at the bottom of a cliff. How did he get there? Who are his dead passengers? Does anyone really care? Andy Boxall reviews Michael Greenspan's film Wrecked.
Posted On 17 Nov 2011

Top 10 Indian Films Of The 2000s

Indian cinema is the biggest producer of film in the world. It is little surprise that its popularity continues to grow in the UK. Raghav Modi looks at ten of the best Indian films from the 2000s.
Posted On 12 Nov 2011

Top 10 British Films Of The 1940s

Not before or since has the British film industry produced such timeless and brilliant films. The 1940s weren't just a golden era for Hollywood, there were riches to be found in British film too.

Review: Farewell

Farewell refuses to simply follow the conventions of the political thriller. Instead, director Christian Carion focuses on building tension and character, pacing his story to a graceful climax. Top 10 Films' newest contributor Chris Wharfe reviews this cracking film.

Review: Cherry Tree Lane

Paul Andrew Williams, writer-director of London To Brighton and The Cottage, goes behind the camera for another one of his screenplays in this taut, stylised home invasion thriller. Cherry Tree Lane is similar in set-up to The Strangers and the
Posted On 10 Oct 2011

Review: Winter’s Bone

Deservedly nominated for four Academy Awards, Jennifer Lawrence shines in Debra Granik's excellent film about the courage of one young girl on a quest to find her missing father.

Excitement for new Brit thriller The Holding

Excitement mounts for new British thriller The Holding, the debut feature film of Susan Jacobson. Set amongst the Peak District's rolling hills, the film takes place on an isolated farm eight months after Cassie (Kierston Wareing) killed and...