“Star Trek Into Darkness”: Another Misstep For Director J. J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams again shows why he should stay away from the director's chair & stick to doing what he does best: marketing. Into Darkness threatens to entertain but ultimately fails to deliver...

Stoker Unsettles in All the Right Ways

Evoking memories of Alfred Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt, Park Chan-wook's Stoker starring Mia Wasikowski, Matthew Goode and Nicole Kidman remains one of the highlights of 2013...

Gravity Is Mind-Blowing; The Film Of The Year

Alfonso CuarĂ³n's Gravity is a cinematic landmark featuring mind-blowing effects, smart use of 3D and a career best performance from Sandra Bullock.

To Catch A Thief shows Hitchcock dabbling in blandness

Despite being heralded as a master of suspense, Hitchcock was sometimes prone to dabbling in blandness. Mark Fraser looks back at one of his movies where he seemed to be resting on his laurels.
Posted On 02 Nov 2013

“The Hunger Games” Enthralls As Kids Go To War

Director Gary Ross brings Suzanne Collins' book to the big screen with Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence leading the line as a teen doing battle in The Hunger Games

Top 10 Films involving Terrorism that were made before 9/11

Terrorists were rearing their ugly heads in movies well before a bunch of hijackers changed the course of history on September 11, 2001. Mark Fraser takes a look at a few examples.
Posted On 18 Jul 2013

Man V Beast in Joe Carnahan’s contemplative yet brutal thriller The Grey

Liam Neeson battles man and beast in Joe Carnahan's contemplative yet brutal thriller about plane crash survivors trying to stay alive in the Alaskan wilderness.

Top 10 1990s Murder Investigations

Murder and Mayhem. There's a killer on the loose and someone is out to catch him or her. Will the murderer be brought to justice in these great 1990's films?