Who Has Portrayed the Best Bruce Wayne

Who is the best Batman? Are you a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton fan or a Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale convert? Or perhaps your're an Adam West traditionalist?

Interview: Keith Gordon talks about his acting career & approach to directing

In the second part of our interview with Keith Gordon the New Yorker tells us about working with the shark in Jaws 2, De Palma's ability with actors, and Michael Caine's X-rated Hollywood stories.

Interview: “A Midnight Clear” Writer-Director Keith Gordon

In Top 10 Films' two-part feature actor, writer and director Keith Gordon, whose recent television credits include House and Dexter, talks about his 1992 film A Midnight Clear.

The Harry Potter Tour At Warner Bros. Studios

Warner Bros. Studios in London has opened its doors to the public, exhibiting sets, costumes, props and more from the Harry Potter films. In April, I paid it a visit.

Interview: Danny Dyer Talks About New Film Deviation

Jack the Lad Danny Dyer has been busy this year. He's just released Deviation, has Freerunner coming out soon and has recently made appearances on Casualty and Celebrity Juice.

Top 10 Summer Blockbusters through the Years

It is shaping up to be one of the best summers for Hollywood blockbusters in recent memory. Top 10 Films takes a look at some of the highest grossing block-busting movies.

Interview: Elstree Studios Boss Talks About Being Back With The A List

After a brief period out of the limelight, one of British cinema's most famous film studios is making a comeback. Elstree Studios chief Roger Morris talks to Daniel Stephens.

Blogathon: Nostra’s Iconic Movie Products

Movie products. From Back To The Future's Hoverboard to Total Recall's mind travel, films have shown us many fantastic things to expand the human experience. Which ones would you like to try?