Ouch! Torture in the movies

The Raven fictionalises the last days of Edgar Allan Poe where he pursues a serial killer mimicking the murders seen in his stories. We look at the film's theme of torture as seen in 8 other movies.

LAPD in Film

The Los Angeles Police Department or LAPD is perhaps the most famous police force in the world thanks to Hollywood. We take a look at its depiction in some great modern films...

The Unseen Monster: Experiencing Jaws On The Big Screen For The First Time

Seeing Jaws on the big screen during its recent re-release brought Steven Spielberg’s less-is-more motif to the fore...

Opinion: Minimalism in Film

A film earns the title of being minimalist when it uses simple and concise ideas for settings, special effects and plot line. Roman Polanski's new film Carnage is one of those films.

Prometheories: Guide To “Prometheus”

Ridley Scott's prequel to Alien asked more questions than it answered. Chris Wharfe dares to go where they can't hear you scream in search of his own answers.

The world of Simon Pegg: Best Roles

With the release of Simon Pegg’s new film A Fantastic Fear of Everything out in cinema’s today we are celebrating the global recognition of his acting with a look back at his best films to date.

Might Need Therapy after “The Exorcist” & “Eden Lake” Double Bill

I can imagine The Exorcist and Eden Lake, two of the scariest horror films ever made, would test the fear levels of the heartiest horror fan when watched as a double bill. Let me give it a go!

Who Has Portrayed the Best Bruce Wayne

Who is the best Batman? Are you a Tim Burton/Michael Keaton fan or a Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale convert? Or perhaps your're an Adam West traditionalist?