Joe Dante, The ‘Burbs & Me

One film fan's day, week, month (and probably year) was made when a tweet about one of his favourite movies - Joe Dante's The 'Burbs - was acknowledged & "favourited" by the director himself.

Classic Scenes #10: Superman (1978)

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Seinfeldian exploration of pseudo-nothingness in The Ex And The Why

Currently on the festival circuit seeking a distributor is debut feature film The Ex and the Why from director Jon Bradley and producing partner and star James Iles.

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Jim McKeown: Building The Worlds Of Harry Potter, James Bond & Captain America

Jim McKeown has been building props for the film industry for over 20 years. Recent work includes Hogwarts School for the Harry Potter films and Ridley Scott's Med Pod for Prometheus.

What is the best heist movie?

Morten Tyldum's thrillingly perverse adaptation of Jo Nesbo's novel The Headhunters puts an art thief into a situation he can't control. Top 10 Films looks at some great recent heist movies.