Top 10 Films’ World Tour of Horror Cinema

Top 10 Films joined forces with critics from around the world to check out the greatest horror movies ever made. We've travelled across the globe from the USA to the Far East to sample the delights of horror through the eyes of filmmakers worldwide.

Metcalfe’s Skinny Successfully Cuts The Calories for Movie-Snackers Everywhere

Metcalfe’s skinny brings its range of calorie-cutting snacks to Odeon cinemas nationwide. Featuring a variety of flavoured popcorn & other goodies, the range gives movie-snacking a healthier, low-cal alternative.

The Best of Sly Stallone

Top 10 Films looks back at the career of Sylvester Stallone, highlighting some of his finer moments. His latest film Collection is released this month...

“Melancholia” Is No Friend To Man

Not all doomsday movies feature moments of macho heroism in the face of overwhelming danger, as Mark Fraser discovered while watching a recent work by one of modern European cinema’s most idiosyncratic directors.
Posted On 03 Feb 2015

Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” Takes the Top Prizes at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards

Richard Linklater was the big winner at last night's London Critics' Circle Film Awards as Boyhood took home Best Film and Best Director...

Lucy: Fact or Fiction

In Luc Besson’s (Taken, Fifth Element, Leon) latest sci-fi thriller "Lucy", the director delves into one of the most famous myths of all time – that we only use 10% of our brain capacity.

The Rise and Rise of Aaron Paul in 6 Films

With the release of Retribution starring Aaron Paul in a white-knuckle thriller about an emotionally unavailable father and rebellious teenage son set against the high-risk world of motocross, Top 10 Films checks out Paul's extraordinary rise.

7 Great Film Examples of Human Courage in the Face of Real-Life Tragedy

With the release of fascinating documentary Erebus: Into The Unknown at UK cinemas today (and on DVD/On Demand from Jan 12th), we check out 7 great examples of human courage in the face of real-life tragedy.