Top 10 Quirky Films

The quirky movie. They're "strange, not normal but cool" says Blandine Etienne as she takes a look at her favourite films from a genre Tim Burton and Wes Anderson know plenty about.

The world of Simon Pegg: Best Roles

With the release of Simon Pegg’s new film A Fantastic Fear of Everything out in cinema’s today we are celebrating the global recognition of his acting with a look back at his best films to date.

Top 10 Films to Restore Your Faith in Journalism

It’s a pretty rough time for journalism, as the phone hacking scandal rumbles on, so why not look for some escapism in this list? We’re looking for escapism (so no documentaries) and films where the reporter is the hero (so nothing like Shattered Glass, about a reporter who made...

Top 10 British Cult Classics

The UK is well known for lots of different things: fish ‘n’ chips, mixed fortunes in football, the Beatles, haggis, and much more. But of all forms of culture perhaps the most pervasive and popular is film - and Britain is no stranger to the...

Top 10 Important & Influential Films That Don’t Get The Credit They Deserve

Greg Cwik of Celluloid Void takes a look at ten understated films that have made an enduring, quietly influential impression on cinema.

Top 10 Films About Poker

Poker was revitalised by the internet. Poker players across the world can play each other from the comfort of their own computer. With sites like Facebook embracing the game with popular apps played by their users, millions of people have been introduced to a game that was once...

Groovers and Mobsters Present: The Buddy Flick

This month's Groovers and Mobsters Present series looks at The Buddy Flick. Dan Stephens takes a look at one of the greatest British comedy films of all time - Withnail and I.

The 10 Worst Charlie Sheen Films

Fabian Jackson looks back at Charlie Sheen's exemplary career.