10 Movies That Are Literally A Pain In The Behind

While sodomy is rarely the subject of pleasant dinner party chit-chat, it has undeniably found a voice in mainstream cinema. Mark Fraser looks at 10 films that are literally a pain in the behind.
Posted On 10 Sep 2013

Top 10 Films that Reflect the Impact of Mining

From There Will Be Blood in the past to Total Recall in the future and Avatar in space, mining has played a significant role in a number of great movies. Mark Fraser picks out the best… American writer Mark Twain once famously said that a gold mine was nothing more than “a...
Posted On 31 Aug 2013

Top 10 Movie Bus Rides To Avoid

Should bus rides be this traumatic! Mark Fraser buys his ticket and jumps on board to experience 10 bus journeys he'd really rather forget...
Posted On 18 Aug 2013

Top 10 Films That Killed Charles Bronson’s Career

In Top 10 Films That Prove Charles Bronson Was A Legitimate Character Actor, Mark Fraser looked at the "Good" in Bronson's career. Here he takes a look at the "Bad and the "Ugly"!
Posted On 15 Aug 2013

Top 10 Films That Prove Charles Bronson Was A Legitimate Character Actor

Was Charles Bronson a legitimate Hollywood character actor? Mark Fraser argues for the defence as Top 10 Films takes a look at Bronson's finer moments...
Posted On 08 Aug 2013

10 Movies Afflicted with Space Madness

Intergalactic lunacy might not get much of a mention in the medical journals, but there’s plenty of it about in the movies, as Mark Fraser has discovered...
Posted On 04 Aug 2013

Top 10 Films involving Terrorism that were made before 9/11

Terrorists were rearing their ugly heads in movies well before a bunch of hijackers changed the course of history on September 11, 2001. Mark Fraser takes a look at a few examples.
Posted On 18 Jul 2013

10 Fruitful Collaborations Between Non-US Directors And Their Cinematographers

Mark Fraser continues his celebration of the work of great director-cinematographer partnerships in a top 10 featuring non-US film-makers and their directors of photography.
Posted On 25 Apr 2013