Top 10 Films In Which Nicolas Cage Performs For A-List Directors

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Nicolas Cage is one of his generation’s most prominent leading men. Mark Fraser looks at the actor's best work with some of the world's top filmmakers...
Posted On 09 Jan 2014

Top 10 Films where Submarines get a Starring Role

The submarine has provided the perfect location for many great movies from K19: The Widowmaker & Crimson Tide to Das Boot. Mark Fraser takes a look at his favourites...
Posted On 02 Dec 2013

To Catch A Thief shows Hitchcock dabbling in blandness

Despite being heralded as a master of suspense, Hitchcock was sometimes prone to dabbling in blandness. Mark Fraser looks back at one of his movies where he seemed to be resting on his laurels.
Posted On 02 Nov 2013

William Friedkin’s “Sorcerer” Is A Curiously Mistreated Masterpiece

William Friedkin's Sorcerer remains one of the most curiously mistreated Hollywood films of all time. Mark Fraser looks back at what happened following its initial release.
Posted On 24 Oct 2013

Top 10 Films In Which Anthony Hopkins Plays Historical Figures

Mark Fraser takes a look at the great Sir Anthony Hopkins, focusing on the acclaimed actor's work in the roles of some well known and some not-so-well known historical figures
Posted On 26 Sep 2013

Top 10 Films that share an Apocalyptic View of New York City

When trouble hits the Big Apple, sometimes the results can be quite devastating. Mark Fraser looks at a number of films where NYC doesn’t come out in the best of shape.
Posted On 20 Sep 2013

10 Movies That Are Literally A Pain In The Behind

While sodomy is rarely the subject of pleasant dinner party chit-chat, it has undeniably found a voice in mainstream cinema. Mark Fraser looks at 10 films that are literally a pain in the behind.
Posted On 10 Sep 2013

Top 10 Films that Reflect the Impact of Mining

From There Will Be Blood in the past to Total Recall in the future and Avatar in space, mining has played a significant role in a number of great movies. Mark Fraser picks out the best… American writer Mark Twain once famously said that a gold mine was nothing more than “a...
Posted On 31 Aug 2013