Top 10 Dick Smith Contributions To American Cinema

Top 10 Films celebrates the work of late make-up artist Dick Smith whose deft touch has been seen in some of the most influential and popular films made by modern Hollywood.
Posted On 15 Oct 2014

Umberto Lenzi’s “Eaten Alive” is a Hard Act to Swallow

Celebrating the arrival of Eli Roth’s cannibal opus The Green Inferno, Mark Fraser looks back at another controversial work from this peculiar genre and ponders how its director got away with shamelessly exploiting one of the most tragic crimes in modern American history. During...
Posted On 30 Sep 2014

Top 10 Movie Airport Crime Scenes

Delayed flights, luggage theft, long queues, nazi customs officials, obnoxious passengers, expensive coffee and second rate food – it’s absolutely criminal what happens at some airports.
Posted On 09 Sep 2014

The Greatest Disaster Films Ever Made

Whether it's terror in the skies, in a galaxy, far far away, or closer to home, cinema has sensed the innate drama in catastrophe and created its heroes accordingly. Mark Fraser sees how we've coped - in varying circumstances - from the movies that matter...
Posted On 30 Aug 2014

Top 10 Films of Robert Aldrich

Daring, prolific, stylistic, bombastic and performance-driven, the work of Robert Aldrich combines all these things into a body of work that stands up strongly against any of his contemporaries.
Posted On 20 Aug 2014

Top 15 Film Appearances Of The Bomb

Has cinema's depiction of the "bomb" always been about destruction? Maybe not. Mark Fraser takes a look at the various manifestations of nuclear weapons in the movies with surprising results...
Posted On 01 Aug 2014

Top 10 Films Of Joe Spinell

Joe Spinell is a name you might not immediately recognise but he's appeared in no less than three Best Picture Oscar-winning movies. Mark Fraser runs down his unique & diverse top 10 films.
Posted On 04 Jul 2014

Top 10 Films Where Medical Experiments Go Seriously Awry

Science does not always provide the answers. Mark Fraser looks at 10 films in which the vigorous pursuit of medical experimentation leads to questionable – and sometimes highly undesirable - outcomes.
Posted On 19 Jun 2014