“The Train” Still One Hell Of A Ride

Mark Fraser takes an in-depth look at John Frankenheimer's The Train...
Posted On 05 Aug 2015

10 Memorable Appearances Of A Train In The Western

Mark Fraser looks back at a fistful of Westerns in which a train has made a significant contribution to the unfolding drama...
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Top 10 Memorable Performances By Steve Buscemi

Diverse, dynamic and memorable are just some of the words that can be used to describe talented actor Steve Buscemi's truly impressive body of work...
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Top 10 Films Of James Woods

James Woods is undisputedly one of America’s most electrifying male stars, yet most of the characters he plays are people you probably should avoid. Mark Fraser looks at 10 of his most memorable performances.
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Top 10 Films Of Harvey Keitel

Since making his screen debut in 1967, Harvey Keitel has emerged as one of America’s most intriguing actors. And while he continues to deliver the goods, it’s arguable that the 1990s was the decade in which he truly peaked. Mark Fraser looks back at 10 of his finest moments.
Posted On 07 Apr 2015

“Barry McKenzie Holds His Own” Maintains Its Irreverent Grip

Why did influential film writer Pauline Kael, an outspoken critic of Australian film's lack of identity, cruelly overlook one of the best examples of its cinema renaissance in the 1970s? Mark Fraser details the virtues of vulgar comedy Barry McKenzie Holds His Own...
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16 Stunningly Photographed American Films That Were Completely Snubbed By The Academy Awards

Mark Fraser looks at 16 movies where the work of the camera department was completely overlooked by the Oscars.
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Top 10 Films In Which Humans Are Considered Fair Game

Whether it be for sport, punishment or reality television, the idea that people can be competitively hunted down and killed for entertainment has become a recurring motif in the world of cinema. Mark Fraser looks at 10 movies where both men and women are treated like prized trophies.
Posted On 26 Feb 2015