Top 10 Biggest Surprises at the Summer Box Office

Are you ready for another summer of Hollywood blockbusters? As the movie studios make final preparations for their summer schedule we look at the surprises of blockbuster season...
Posted On 06 May 2013

10 Times The Oscars Got It Completely Wrong

A hot topic to emerge from the Oscars 2013 was Ben Affleck's omission in the Best Director category despite Argo winning Best Picture. Dan Grant takes a look at other infamous Oscar snubs.
Posted On 28 Feb 2013

Top 10 Second Films By Directors Since 1970

The difficult second album has troubled and frustrated musicians since people started buying vinyl. But what about filmmakers and their second feature-length films..? Here's ten of the best.
Posted On 28 Jan 2013

50 Films better than The Dark Knight Rises in 2012

In response to our question: Is The Dark Knight Rises the best film of 2012, Dan Grant gives us 50 reasons why the film clearly isn't. What did you think of The Dark Knight Rises
Posted On 08 Dec 2012

Top 10 Bill Paxton Films

Charismatic, talented and underrated, three ways to describe actor and film director Bill Paxton. Dan Grant takes a look at his greatest films and most iconic roles.
Posted On 09 Oct 2012

Top 10 Dumbest Friday The 13th Moments

Friday the 13th is a quintessential slasher film that spawned endless sequels that got dumber and dumber. Dan Grant takes a look at the franchise's silliest, funniest, dumbest moments.
Posted On 14 Sep 2012

Top 10 Scariest Films Ever Made

What makes a scary movie scary? Writer Dan Grant takes a look at ten of the scariest films ever made in an attempt to answer that question.
Posted On 11 Oct 2011