Moments worth paying for: is the innovative UK-based initiative to support the film industry in the digital age., a UK Film Council initiative from 2009, is a major industry first in how films are made available in the UK. The free service contains over 30,000 unique film records, and can be searched conventionally by title or more specifically by inputting a mood, a location or entering keywords such as “fairy tale ending”.

Launched in 2009, received over one million hits in its first ten weeks of operation. Known as the “Google for films”, the site draws on hundreds of sources to enable consumers to find out when, where and how a film is available to watch in the UK.

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Users search the database which returns all the formats available in which to view the particular film. This includes cinema, television, DVD and Blu-ray, download and streaming. Not only is the website seen as a key film resource, it is also viewed as a way of steering internet users away from P2P streaming and illegal downloads.

Peter Buckingham, who was the head of distribution and exhibition at the now defunct UK Film Council, said at the time of the website’s launch: “There are two main things the UK Film Council is concerned with. Encouraging people to watch a wider range of films, and keeping a watchful eye over the use and growth of ‘disruptive technologies’ that could encourage movie piracy. We want to make sure the film industry doesn’t suffer the same problems the music industry had getting value in the digital world, specifically dealing with downloads.

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“We realised that consumers were missing a lot of information, and we were in a position to provide it.

“This website is a case of modern technology meeting the needs of the audience for the benefit of the audience,” he says. “It’s going to transform how consumers find the films they want to watch. We will soon wonder how we coped without it.” has already played an important role in a bid to encourage audiences to enjoy films in high quality, legitimate formats. Given the huge economic loss to the British economy from illegal downloading the site is one major step in ensuring the strength of the market in the digital age.

Peter Buckingham said: “It’s exciting to see so many people responding to the site and we aim to help many more people find the film they want to watch in the UK.”

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