Top 10 Christmas Films Of The 1980s

Christmas was well represented in the 1980s. From horror to fantasy to offbeat black comedy to outlandish slapstick. Oh, and Die Hard!

Like the decade’s Hollywood output as a whole, I look back at 1980s Christmas films with rose-tinted spectacles. In my case they are rose-tinted rimless spectacles but that is beside the point. Nevertheless, reminiscing about the decade with officially the worst fashion sense of the century, awful hairstyles and Double Dutch Bus, I noticed quite a few hugely entertaining festive films that are as enjoyable today as they ever were.

From Bill Murray in Richard Donner’s super-duper Scrooged to Chevy Chase stepping into his best comedic character again for the second sequel in the National Lampoon’s Vacation franchise to Bruce Willis taking on terrorists at Christmas, the 1980s managed to mix a seemingly inherent schmaltz with a sense of fun and plenty of cool. From straight comedy to stalk and slash horror to action-adventure to fantasy to black comedy, Christmas in the 1980s was never boring – that’s for sure!

10. Silent Night Deadly Night (Sellier, 1984)

Silent Night Deadly Night, best Christmas moviesSilent Night Deadly Night is one of many several films based around the Christmas season and while not being the best, to its credit, it has one of the best posters. On it, an arm from someone dressed up as Santa is revealed coming out of, or going into, a house through the chimney with a huge axe in-hand. The film garnered no critical praise but became famous because of the backlash. Siskel and Ebert hated the film so much they went through its entire credit list, saying “shame” after reading each name. In the UK the film was unavailable for 25 years.

9. A Very Brady Christmas (Baldwin, 1988)

A Very Brady Christmas, best Christmas moviesThe Brady Bunch get a cinematic outing for Christmas in this 1988 festive film. The success of A Very Brady Christmas helped revive interest in the television show and led to a couple of excellent films with new cast members – The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) and A Very Brady Sequel (1996). 2002’s The Brady Bunch in the White House wasn’t so good.

8. Ernest Saves Christmas (Cherry III, 1988)

Ernest Saves Christmas, best Christmas moviesOne of many Ernest films, I think this was the third, finds the unlikely hero saving Christmas after several mishaps happen to Santa when he goes on a jolly holiday in sunny Florida.

7. A Christmas Story (Clark, 1983)

A Christmas Story, best Christmas moviesA Christmas Story has become a huge holiday-period favourite. It has featured on American television networks in 24-hour marathons numerous times, where the film is played on repeat for a full day, usually beginning on Christmas Eve night. The film has become one of the most popular Christmas films to be shown on TV and usually garners huge ratings. The film features the likable Peter Billingsley as a nine-year-old who desperately wants a BB gun for Christmas. He tries to convince various adults, through a variety of amusing schemes, why he should get the gift but to no avail. Interestingly, the film garnered mixed reviews when it was first released and although critical acclaim is now almost unanimous in the States, it still does not get as much recognition in the UK. As such, it remains a little-seen film on UK televisions screens.

6. Santa Claus: The Movie (Schwarz, 1985)

Santa Claus, The Movie, best Christmas moviesThis wasn’t just a movie event, it was the definitive cinematic outing for the bearded gift-giver. As a child I genuinely believed that David Huddleston was Santa. After all, this was THE MOVIE. But alas, the years have taught me that David Huddleston is indeed an actor and that the real Father Christmas continues to live out a life of mystery, last seen in the North Pole. I plan to set up photographic equipment this year with a motion sensor to catch the man with the bowl-full-of-jelly-belly in the act. I will post my images on Boxing Day. Keep a look out. As to whether or not you should see Santa Claus The Movie – you should, as there’s plenty of magic and Christmas cheer on show as the film sports some wonderful production values. Can you believe John Carpenter was originally approached to direct the film!

5. Gremlins (Dante, 1984)

Gremlins, Joe Dante, best Christmas moviesGremlins is a great Christmas film to watch if only for Phoebe Cates’ macabre story about her father going missing in the lead-up to December 25th. A few days after his disappearance the family to begin smelling an odd, unpleasant fragrance coming from the fireplace. Miss Cates’ well-meaning Dad only broke his neck while trying to shimmy down the chimney to deliver the presents. Poor chap. Of course, it isn’t obvious whether Phoebe’s emotional recollection is tinged in sadness at the loss of her Dad, or disappointment at not receiving her Barbie and Ken Horse and Cart collection.

4. Die Hard (McTiernan, 1988)

Die Hard, John McTiernan, Bruce Willis, best Christmas moviesJohn McTiernan’s Die Hard has plenty of Christmas cheer when you get past the hail of bullets, broken necks, huge explosions and bodies falling out of buildings on to easy-going, Twinkie-eating cop Al Powell’s squad car. One thing the film teaches us is that no terrorist, or anyone wanting to steal $600 million in bearer bonds, should ever mess with Detective John McClane. Hans Gruber, as depicted by the brilliant Alan Rickman, tries this un-winnable feat on Christmas Eve. Bruce Willis portrays the great white vest-wearer with sweaty testosterone and an eye for a good quip. Best action flick of the 1980s? Possibly.

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (Chechik, 1989)

National Lampoon's Christmas vacation, Film, best Christmas moviesChevy Chase returns to his finest cinematic role as Clark W. Griswold. The hapless but well-meaning family man decides to have a Christmas at home but not everything goes to plan beginning with finding a tree. The film immediately stands out thanks to its ace Christmas song by Marvis Staples which plays over the credits with a funny animation of Santa getting into trouble on Christmas Eve. Chase is brilliant again while the film distinguishes itself as that very unique thing in film franchises – a Part 3 that is better than Part 2.

2. Trading Places (Landis, 1983)

Trading Places, best Christmas moviesSet over Christmas and New Year, John Landis’ Trading Places is one of my favourite films. Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy make a wonderful comedy duo, but they are aided by an excellent script that makes light of the corporate shenanigans so prevalent in 1980s New York. It is great seeing Aykroyd dress up as Santa – or should that be a drunk, depressed, anti-social, suicidal and homeless Santa!

1. Scrooged (Donner, 1988)

Scrooged, Frank Cross, Bill Murray, best Christmas moviesScrooged deserves to top so many lists – best Bill Murray, best film based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, best use of 12 sharp knives as a Christmas gift, and, perhaps most importantly, best Christmas film of the 1980s. Richard Donner directs this updated version of Dickens’ classic tale as Bill Murray plays an egotistical, self-centred, conceited television producer who has shunned friends and family in order to progress up the corporate ladder. In keeping with his anti-family ethos, he has everyone working long hours through Christmas in order to produce a special Christmas show. As in Dickens’ novella, Murray’s character Frank Cross is visited by three ghosts who show him various parts of his life in order for him to mend his ways. The film is wonderfully funny thanks to a marvellous performance from Bill Murray who has rarely been better in a comedic role.

Your turn – what is your favourite Christmas film from the 1980s?

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Written and compiled by Daniel Stephens

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  1. Avatar
    Louise Reply

    Love it. And at least 3 of these films appear on my top ten Christmas Films list.

  2. Avatar
    DEZMOND Reply

    oh, the GREMLINS, I’ve never thought of them as a Christmas film, but they sure were one of the biggest classics from our childhoods. Loved Gizmo 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    Yes, yes yes. A thousand times yes for the top 6 here.

    Sorry Dan, but the inclusion of ANYTHING featuring The Brady Bunch in a top 10 list of any kind automatically qualifies as a fail. 😉

  4. Avatar
    Candice Frederick Reply

    YES, I LOVE THIS LIST! namely, scrooged, gremlins, and christmas vacation 🙂

  5. Avatar
    le0pard13 Reply

    The 80s were unique, alright. Your list is a fine mix of iconic and alternative Christmas fare that I’d watch myself. I would include on mine for that decade, ‘First Blood’, ‘Lethal Weapon’, and ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence’.

  6. Avatar
    Scott Reply

    Aw man I would have put Santa Claus The Movie higher….But a great list all the same!!

    You are the master Dan!

  7. Avatar
    Max Reply

    Is it terrible that I’ve only seen ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘Die Hard’ from that list. I think the one I’m going to seek out this year is ‘National Lampoon’, but I guess I’d like to see Scrooged as well.

  8. Avatar
    Eric Reply

    The 80s sure had a lot of great Christmas movies. Great list!

  9. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @Louise: Looking forward to your top ten Louise! 🙂

    @Dezmond: There’s a few films that people don’t often associate with Christmas and Gremlins is one of them. Some don’t consider Die Hard a Christmas film either but any film that is either set on Christmas or features Santa and all associated things like Christmas trees and elves are Christmas films to me.

    @Rodney: Haha…it started off so well. What is this, you don’t like The Brady Bunch Movie..?

    @Candice: Thank you Candice! 🙂

  10. Avatar
    Freddy Reply

    SCROOGED! That’s my favourite too!

  11. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @leopard13: Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is definitely worth mentioning…I’ve got something prepared for that film upcoming.

    @Scott: If I’d written this when I was 12, Santa Claus would have been number one! 🙂 A huge childhood favourite…I still think it’s pretty magical today.

    @Max: Check out Scrooged if you like Bill Murray. Christmas Vacation is a hoot!

    @Eric: It was good decade for Christmas films, definitely.

    @Freddy: Yeah, Scrooged is a classic!

  12. Avatar
    Chris Reply

    I’ve only seen 50% of these

    Gremlins for me, I agree with Dezmond, I feel its a film that can be watched any time of year, but probably is more suited for december viewing.

  13. Avatar
    Claire Reply

    Happy 1st December, Dan!

    I like the sound of most of these films though I’ve only seen about half of them. I need to revisit Gremlins. It’s a fun film but when I first watched it when I was younger I was really freaked out!

    I haven’t seen Scrooged – I’ll add it to my rental list!

  14. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @Claire: I”m sure you’ll like Scrooged, especially if you like Bill Murray. Gremlins did freak me out as a kid too…for some reason I always found the first film scary but the second funny.

  15. Avatar
    Anna Reply

    Have never seen Trading Places so this must be the year! 80’s christmas films have a certain charm and I think it was the golden age of Christmas film tbh.

  16. Avatar
    themovieblogger Reply

    A Christmas Story is the best Christmas film of all-time, in my opinion, and I can’t believe it’s only at 7 on your 80s list!

  17. Avatar
    Neal Damiano Reply

    I have to say very bold of you to put Silent Night, Deadly Night up. The film got such a backlash here in the states. I remember it being on the news the whole month of December and people protesting the movie being shown in theaters. Good call with Gremlins!!

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