Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon arrives on DVD/Blu-ray

Produced by Michael Jackson’s friend David Gest, this new film offers unprecedented new insight into the pop icon’s life with exclusive interviews with his mother, family members and friends.

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Even in death Michael Jackson can’t keep out of the limelight. A new documentary aims to shed light on the pop icon’s life with brand new interviews with Jackson’s family including his mother Katherine and members of the Jackson 5. The two and a half hour documentary focuses on Jackson’s young life with the family pop group, lengthy discussion of his alleged child abuse issues and his battle with drug addiction.

Directed by Andrew Eastel and produced by television star and Michael Jackson’s friend David Gest, the film celebrates the life of the world renowned star through the people who knew him best. With a powerful behind the scenes expose on his life including early successes with the Jackson 5 through to the global stardom, Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon is a powerful and moving tale of a troubled yet brilliant singer.

More than fifty family members and friends offer their thoughts on the man they knew so well. The film features never-before-seen backstage footage as well as exclusive performance footage to piece together the pop icon’s life throughout the highs and the lows.

Michael’s mother Katherine provides unprecedented access to her thoughts on her son’s alleged criminal activities, his drug problems, his relationship with his father, and her loving memories of the young Michael growing up in Gary, Indiana. Brother Tito discusses the effect Michael’s trial had on the family while Rebbie Jackson recounts the star’s childhood and his extraordinary bond with his mother.

DVD/Blu-ray Trailer:

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon was released on DVD and Blu-ray October 31st.
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  1. Avatar
    Sir Phobos Reply

    Interesting. I listened to his music a LOT when I was young. I stopped following him around the mid-90s, but I still enjoy watching him perform. He’s amazing when on a stage. I just might consider picking this up sometime. Did they actually get his dad to say anything, or do other people just talk about him?

  2. Avatar
    Raghav Reply

    I grew up listening to MJ. Although I remember skipping school just to watch the Black or White video, I never was a “fan”. Watching This is It (also directed by Guest I think?) I was impressed with the stamina that MJ had and his voice still had it. I know I will eventually watch this documentary, but it’s also time that we simply remember him for his music from now on.

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