Midnight Double Feature #6

It’s midnight on Friday – the weekend is finally here. It’s dark outside and there’s no work tomorrow. It’s time for a double feature – One night. Two films.

Double Feature Theme: Billy Wilder night
Films: The Apartment/Some Like It Hot
Director: Billy Wilder
Release dates: 1960/1959
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Midnight Double Feature #6: The Apartment & Some Like It Hot

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It is astounding that Billy Wiilder should be responsible for not one or two or even three of the greatest Hollywood films ever made. He may well be the director of at least half a dozen masterpieces – that’s more than Orson Welles can muster. I sang the praises of the excellent Stalag 17 while various Wilder films have appeared in numerous lists across the site including Top 10 films to see before going to film school (Sunset Boulevard), Top 25 films to make you happy (Some Like It Hot), Top 10 romantic films men shouldn’t be ashamed to love (Some Like it Hot), Top 10 Best Picture Winners (The Apartment) and Top 10 anti-date films (Sunset Boulevard). In addition, our retrospective on the great Oliver Reed found Some Like It Hot to be his finest film, while Isabella Rossellini told us the film was her favourite of all time. But we mustn’t forget about Double Indemnity, Witness For The Prosecution, Ace In The Hole and The Lost Weekend.

Both tonight’s films have two things in common – they are directed by Billy Wilder and star Jack Lemmon. In The Apartment, Lemmon is an office underling who promises to help his boss in the hope it will further his accent up the corporate ladder. But he ends up falling in love with his boss’s squeeze, the delightful Shirley MacLaine. In Some Like It Hot, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis disguise themselves as women to avoid gangsters, meeting the sassy Marilyn Monroe who Curtis falls in love with. He just has to remember she thinks he’s a woman. Both these romantic comedies delight in equal measure and neither will ever get old.

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  1. Avatar
    ruth Reply

    I haven’t seen either of these but it sounds like a fun combo!

  2. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    The man was a genius, of that there is no doubt. Some like it hot is an awesome film… but to my eternal shame I have yet to see The Apartment.

  3. Avatar
    DEZMOND Reply

    SOME LIKE IT HOT is definitely one of the five greatest comedies of all times. Love love love Jack Lemon in it! So many cult scenes in it.

  4. Avatar
    Nostra Reply

    Great choices. Saw both of these movies last year and they are both excellent, although I prefer watching Some Like it Hot. This is a double feature I would definitely show up for!

  5. Avatar
    Colleeng Reply

    Great double feature! I love The Apartment. Ruth, you have to check these two flicks out!

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