Wayne Rooney’s Top 3 Films

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Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney loves to steal the headlines. If he’s not sleeping with a prostitute who is well past her sell-by date or saying he wants to leave the greatest football club in the world just to increase his weekly wage packet, he is, it would seem, getting hair plugs in a bid to betray the natural aging process.

With his celebrity life, enjoyed by footballers across the globe, and the awkward moments of locker room nakedness alongside heartthrobs Ryan Giggs and David Beckham, it is little wonder that being vain would creep into his mentality. But if the man, nicknamed Shrek by his team mates, has decided to use cosmetic surgery to alleviate problems Giggsy and Becks have never known, where does he stop. After all, a receding hairline is the least of his worries – is it not?

wayne rooney goal manchester city, old trafford,

Anyway, I digress and it isn’t my intention to belittle England’s best striker. After all, no belittling can beat the embarrassment of listing Ssiter Act 2 as your third favourite film of all time. Yep – Wayne Rooney has publicised his three favourite films on Twitter and I present them to you right here!

3. Sister Act 2

sister act 2, wayne rooney's favourite film,

2. Man on Fire

man on fire, film, wayne rooney favourite films,

1. Saving Private Ryan

saving private ryan, wayne rooney favourite films,

The footballer also says that Denzel Washington is the “best actor of all time” and that The Green Mile has “got to be one of the best films ever made.”

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  1. Avatar
    Shubhajit Lahiri Reply

    Well, all one can say is, though that brute does seem to watch one or two decent films here & there, he still has a lot to learn a lot about cinema… and fottball too 😛

    As for your statement that Man U is the greatest football team on earth, it is quite obvious that you’re a diehard Man U fan. I like to think there are 2 kinds of people on this planet – rational people & Man U fanatics 😀

    And those belonging to the former category, would have serious reservations with your statement 🙂

  2. Avatar
    Dan Reply

    @Shubhajit: Okay, you got me with that comment about Utd being the greatest team! 😉

  3. Avatar
    Rodney Reply

    What’s a “wayne rooney”, and why does he only get to say three films. This is top 10 dammit! 😉

  4. Avatar
    Irina Reply

    Come on! give him a break! 🙂
    At least he is honest in his film choices. Not many would admit that they like something like Sister Act 2!

  5. Avatar
    Anna Reply

    Ahahahaa this is hilarious : D

  6. Avatar
    Richard Reply

    Okay, so this is the oddest post I’ve seen on a movie blog in quite some time. 🙂

    I’m not surprised to see Shrek missing from Rooney’s list. Bit close to home, I guess. And I’m sure that Harold and Maude must be a secret favourite of his. 😉

    Let’s face it, outside of the green, grassy rectangle there is very little interesting about that lumbering fool and this just proves it.

    Still, I’ve got to give you full marks for inventiveness, Dan. This is inspired. 😀

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