Paul on DVD 13th June

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Sean of the Dead and Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost leave writer-director Edgar Wright devising new episodes of Spaced under the grey skies of London while they hop around the hot climbs of the American mid-west picking up aliens in their latest film Paul. The homage to The X Files and modern science-fiction films such as E.T. sees Pegg and Frost as two comic books fans visiting Comic-Con. Deciding to take a road trip to visit all the major extraterrestrial sites, they happen across an alien named Paul who needs their help.

Chris Hewitt of Empire film magazine said the film was “broader and more accessible than either Shaun Of The Dead or Hot Fuzz”, adding that the film was “clever, cheeky and very, very funny.”

Simon Pegg who co-wrote the film with co-star Nick Frost, has told of how enjoyable it was to be working alongside actors Jason Bateman, Seth Rogen and Sigourney Weaver. Weaver was of special significance. He said with his usual enthusiasm, “The best moment of this year was when we did a comic convention and I got to fly back on a jet paid for by Universal films with Sigourney Weaver. Sigourney was pretending to be an air stewardess and served me peanuts. I couldn’t help thinking: ‘that’s Ripley from Aliens!’”

The film is released on DVD on the 13th June in the UK with an array of additional features. The bonus extras on the 2-disc edition include deleted scenes, a commentary track with the director and actors, bloopers, making-of, and more.

See a video interview with actors and co-writers Simon Pegg and Nick Frost below:

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    Jaccstev Reply

    I think I’ll wait for the DVD since I’ve skipped the theatrical release of this film.

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    Fitz Reply

    Oh dude! That must have been a geek dream come true. Great interview.

    I cannot wait for the third Blood & Cornetto film to start production.

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