Fonts From The Most Famous Film & Games Industries

People like to say that a picture can say a thousand words. But, what they don’t realize when they proudly point this out is that sure, a picture can say a thousand words, but it will never tell the two most important words, the first and the last one.

That is why titles are important. Titles have to stand out, draw readers or viewers in, almost hypnotized them to the media that they are using. Animators, and other artists who bring you your favourite cartoons, animated movies, and comic books have realized that a long, long time ago. Here are the five most popular fonts in cartoons and movies

1. Harry Potter font

Based on the phenomenon that is the Harry Potter book franchise, this font is so designed as to resemble the scar that the protagonist of this book series has. Many of the letters have lines that are indeed little thunderbolts. The font also draws inspiration from previous legendary fonts such as the Gothic font. One can notice this by looking at the letters directly. They have the same thickness as the Gothic font, and the curves and lines are designed similarly. Both of these fonts have a sharp, edgy vibe to them. But the original Harry Potter font isn’t the only one there are plenty of Free harry p fonts all over the endless murky sea that is the internet.

2. CN Bold font

There have been countless generations of kids that have grown up watching Cartoon Network, and all of them are familiar with this font. It is huge, and one even dares to call it massively. But it doesn’t seem boring. The letters are so arranged that every one of them has a bit of pizzazz, something a bit unique that lets the eye glide from one to the other and observe every fine detail its designers put onto them. Some letters are bigger, some smaller, some are a bit off its axis. Much like the program of the TV Network, you can never expect what follows after the last thing.

3. Pokemon font

Another children’s favourite, Pokemon has been ruling the gaming and tv world for decades. But, when one thinks of pokemon, for many, the first thing that comes to mind is the font in the show’s title. It is hard to think of or even imagine a font that is more playful and dynamic. The letters were wary quite greatly in shape and size. It’s hard to see and understand where the axis is. When you write a sentence, or even just a word using this font, you have to stop and look at it. It is as the letters have a will of its own like they all are their very own Pokemon.

4. Super Mario font

There is only one thing that can challenge the massive sales of Super Mario games, and that is the font of the game title. Throughout the years, the font with its wacky and massive bold letters has become as famous as the Italian plumber himself. Much like the rest of fonts on this list, the letters are as big as they can get, but unlike the rest of fonts on this list, they aren’t as axis free. They are more put together and easier to read.

5. Star Wars font

Last but not least is one of the most famous fonts in the history of the cinema itself, the Star Wars font. It is massive, epic, one of a kind, just like the movie series itself. Much like stars when one moves in the speed of light, the letters melt and fuse into one another. This font is also one of the rare ones that are seemingly flirting with being a Serif font but remains vague about it, much like the force from the movie.

No matter what the intellectual property it may be, if it is successful, it has a font or title that is familiar to everyone. So, when you start to consider and plan your next big creative project, leave some time on the side and try to create the font in which it should be presented. If you lack ideas, be sure to look back on this article and the fonts presented in this list.

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