“Angel Heart” Gets New UHD, Digital, DVD & Blu-ray Release Following 4K Restoration

The newly restored neo-noir classic Angel Heart will arrive on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in October, following an ambitious restoration project with specialists Silver Salt and with the approval of legendary British director Alan Parker.

Angel Heart stars BAFTA winner and Academy Award® nominee Mickey Rourke in his seminal leading role amidst his catapult to fame, with a special performance from iconic Academy Award® winner Robert De Niro, as well as a controversial appearance from Lisa Bonet who was at the time still in The Cosby Show.

Adapted from the William Hjortsberg novel Falling Angel, the film follows private investigator Harry Angel (Rourke) who is hired by Louis Cyphre (De Niro) to track down a singer named Johnny Favorite.  The investigation soon takes an unexpected and sombre turn as Angel uncovers the fate and identity of Favorite, with horrifying consequences for all involved.  From the mean streets of New York to the backwoods of New Orleans, Harry finds himself being dragged into a world of sex, murder, voodoo and death. This is no ordinary case, and Harry is no ordinary detective.

The restoration process required over 200 hours of manual frame-by-frame fixes carried out, with Silver Salt’s restoring the film to how it would have looked upon original release.  Senior colourist, Steve Bearman utilised the additional range of HDR to optimise the distinctive neo-noir aesthetic of the film, with heavy contrast between light and shadow adding to the general menace on screen, with the additional sharpness and contrast lending itself especially well to the HDR and Dolby Vision.  Special attention was also given to all the effects which occur throughout the film.  This process followed a semi-automated digital pass which had removed persistent dirt and sparkle, and applied general stability.

This deeply disturbing film will be released with a special 48-page booklet written by Alan Parker included with the release, offering audiences a glimpse behind-the-scenes from the production of the film. Other features include an Alan Parker interview excerpt from Cinéastes des années 80, audio commentary with the director, and an introduction to the film by Alan Parker.


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