Allegorical Wartime Thriller “Werewolf” Arrives In Cinemas On October 4

Described as “a beautiful look at what people can do under the most gruesome of circumstances”, writer-director Adrian Panek takes real life events to turn the nightmare of the holocaust into literal monsters. 

WerewolfAdrian Panek’s allegorical wartime thriller, arrives in UK and Irish cinemas on October 4. Both a coming of age and survivor story, Panek has taken real life historical events to give the holocaust a new kind of monster. The thriller finds a number of children hiding in a secluded villa after escaping a concentration camp. Their lives are not out of anger as sadistic SS officers have let loose bloodthirsty dogs to capture and kill them.

Described as a “thematically rich combination of coming-of-age drama, wartime thriller and horror movie” by Stephen Dalton of the Hollywood Reporter, this Polish World War II film sees Hanka, a former concentration camp survivor, become the guardian of these children after they are liberated from the Gross-Rosen camp. The horrors they witnessed are not easily forgotten and the Alsatians – now feral and hungry – roam the nearby forest looking for prey.

Part survival horror, part wartime thriller, part coming-of-age drama, Werewolf has revealed itself to be an unconventional yet beautifully haunting dark contemporary fable.

Werewolf will be released in cinemas nationwide (UK & Ireland) from October 4 2019.

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