How Will 5G Connectivity Change The Film Industry

When we begin to take into account the emergence of 5G wireless connectivity, we are left wondering what additional transformations might be waiting around the corner.

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Some of us can still recall when we were first introduced to a revolutionary service known as Netflix. Since this time, the entire film rental industry has been transformed. Not only has such a system all but eliminated traditional brick-and-mortar establishments such as Blockbuster Video, but we can now enjoy our favourite flicks at the click of a button.

Some analysts have touted such changes as the next step forward in terms of digital cinema while others are concerned about how it might negatively impact the industry as a whole. When we begin to take into account the emergence of 5G wireless connectivity, we are left wondering what additional transformations might be waiting around the corner. Let us therefore take a look at a handful of interesting predictions.

The Notion of “Mobile Cinemas”

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5G wireless internet has been anticipated for some time and it will not be long before it replaces what some are already considering to be outdated 4G services. This is important, as the majority of cutting-edge phones such as those manufactured by Samsung and Apple have such connectivity built directly into their hardware. AMOLED displays, 4K HD resolution and nearly bezel-free screens all signify that watching films and television programmes is now associated with an unprecedented level of digital clarity.

Furthermore, downloading a large file (such as a three-hour film) will no longer require a great deal of time to complete. This is obviously a benefit for movie buffs or for those who wish to keep updated with the latest releases. In the same respect, many providers are now employing international ecommerce solutions to tap into a truly global audience. There is perhaps no better example of this trend than in the sheer number of mobile apps dedicated to providing users with the latest Bollywood films.

What about Piracy?

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This issue of piracy has been around since the early days of Napster and similar file-sharing portals. Unfortunately, the rise of 5G internet solutions is likely to complicate this problem further. There are two main concerns to address. First, any film which is leaked to the public before its release date (such as occurred with the X-Men franchise) will likely dent cinema sales and revenue generation. The second (and more serious) consequence involves downloading files or being directed to blind links. Parents should be rightfully worried if their children regularly visit film-sharing sites which have not been vetted by the proper authorities, as the chances of installing malware or similarly malicious material are quite real.

The only real solution is for governments and local agencies to put measures into place that are intended to block unofficial file-sharing sites. Not only can this help to protect the average consumer, but it will (somewhat) ensure that the film industry itself is protected from unscrupulous individuals who are looking to take advantage of such high-speed connectivity. Either way, there is no doubt that the movie industry will be transformed by these and other coming changes.

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