Your Tech’s In Good Hands With The Cable Guy’s Crash Bandicoot XL

Fancy having Crash Bandicoot hold your TV remote, smartphone, PS4 or xBox controller? Well, The Cable Guys have produced a range of cool film and video game inspired tech holders to stylise your home with decorative recreations of your favourite characters.

Crash Bandicoot

I bet you never thought Iron Man, Mickey Mouse or Darth Vader would spend their days holding your PS4 controller, did you? Well, they’re one of an assortment of movie, comic book and video game inspired products on offer from The Cable Guys to add a splash of character to your home.

We had the chance to sample Crash Bandicoot XL, an over-sized collectable figure measuring around 30cm high, that has been crafted with detail and precision, and provides a convenient way to keep your tech from cluttering desks or ending up on the floor.

Crash Bandicoot

The XL version is able to hold a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, smartphones and game controllers. It can hold your device while it is charging, is made to safely support all models of smartphone, and is an officially licensed piece of merchandise. It also comes with a handy two-metre micro USB charging cable.

Bright, bold and finely detailed, it’s a nice, characterful change-of-pace for a contemporary living room while boosting a bedroom’s already pop culture-influenced decor with a unique addition.

A terrific gadget for those who love their homes to feature inspiration from their favourite movies, comic books or video games, The Cable Guys’ range also includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Street Fighter’s Ryu and many more.

The Cable Guy’s Crash Bandicoot XL and other characters are available from now.

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