On the High Seas: The 5 Best Movies About Boats, Ships and Cruises

People have been telling stories about boat trips for millennia. Find out the five best movies about boats, ships and cruises here.

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Even if you’re not ready to hit the high seas just yet — movies about boats are the best. They are usually filled with mystery, romance and plenty of man-overboard fun! Maybe you have some of your own favourite nautical movies but today we’ll share ours with you so you can get even more ideas.

Continue reading this article to learn about boat movies you must see.

Must-See Movies About Boats

You’ll be ready to save more money on your favorite cruise deals by the time we’re done with this article. Who wouldn’t love to set sail on an exciting adventure like one of the ones below?

1. Murder Mystery

Love laughs, twists and turns, and luxury? Then you'll love Murder Mystery. Who couldn’t be interested in seeing Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as a couple? The movie will keep you guessing and you can enjoy plenty of envy when you look at the beautiful yacht.

2. Overboard

Overboard, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Comedy, Double Acts, 1980s, Real Life Couples,

Whether you want to see the 1987 version oe the version that just came out in the 2000s — both are great stories. And both feature amazing boats. If you love a good case of amnesia along with some sweet, sweet revenge then you can’t miss this movie. The boat is absolutely stunning and you’ll be ready to pull out your sunnies for a day on the water. Even if you don’t have a yacht — maybe you could clean one and get lucky like in the movie.

3. Skyfall

Daniel Craig, Skyfall, Top 10 James Bond Films,

When it comes to beautiful yachts, we are used to them in James Bond movies. If there isn’t a gorgeous yacht in the movie — then it’s not a Bond movie. Skyfall did not disappoint with the 183-foot yacht featured in the movie. This gorgeous wooden vessel does the Bond brand right as does Daniel Craig. If you have $92,000 to spare for a week on the yacht — feel free to book a charter since it is available to the public.

4. The Wolf Of Wall Street

Hello, superyacht! This 147-foot dreamboat made quite a splash in the Wolf of Wall Street movie. What’s better than a superyacht? Well, a superyacht with Leo on it, of course!

5. Adrift

Adrift - Shailene Woodley

Adrift is a great movie with a boat but not a yacht. This movie features some stunning sailboats that can take your breath away. You have to get used to the back and forth between the present and the past but the movie is riveting. You never know quite what is coming or if the stars are going to make it off the boat after they’ve gone adrift. Stay tuned.

Ready for More Film Fun?

Now that you have our top list of movies about boats, it’s time to get to watching them. Even if you’ve seen some of them already, why not watch them again? Once you’re done with those movies, we’ve got plenty more where they came from. Browse our site, find your favorite section and drop a bookmark to come back for more great reads and movie recommendations.

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