Top 10 Most Romantic Movies

Top ten most romantic movies about men seeking men and women seeking women and discovering love in interesting ways.

Love has a funny habit of finding people when they least expect in ways they never expected, while working with Santa, on a ship to America, when you just graduated, in a country divided by war. The philosophy seems to be, the less you search, the more likely it will find you. Here are examples of movies for women seeking women. Needless to say, it is not only women that seek a mutual relationship between themselves. So this list also contains examples of  romantic movies for men seeking men for mutual companionship

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

This is a first of its kind Bollywood movie to bring forward a lesbian romance plot. The title loosely translates into, ‘I felt something when I saw that girl’. This movie is great for two women seeking to bond with each other and understand. At the center of its romantic plot is a woman named Sweety.

Little Women

This is a 2019 movie set in post-civil war America. It centers around the lives of four sisters, played by actresses Florence Pugh, Timothee Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan, and Emma Watson. Follow the twist and turns of love stories in a country struggling to find its feet.

Sorry Angel

This movie was set in the ’90s and made it to the Cannes Film Festival. It tells the story of gay lovers: Jacques, a 35-year old writer living with HIV, and Arthur, his 22-year old lover who wants their relationship to become exclusive. This movie is a great choice for two men seeking to bond with each other.

Last Christmas

This is another movie centered around a woman, Kate, a serial maker of bad decisions. In the movie, we join her life at the point when she just made her latest mistake. She accepted the job of Santa’s elf at the local department store. But unlike other decisions that she ends up regretting, this one might have a silver lining. She meets Tom there and her life takes a new turn.

Pretty Woman

Any list of romantic movies that don’t have this movie isn’t worth its salt. This is the movie that makes this list legit. What could be more romantic than a modern-day prince and princess story? A prostitute played by Julia Roberts is picked up by millionaire Richard Gere, who makes his money by buying companies, breaking them apart, then selling them. Their meeting triggers friction that creates sparks of love, changing their lives forever.


Titanic, James Cameron, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio

Most people who watch this movie for the first time can’t avoid a tear or two. The creators of this movie took a factual event, and weaved a fictional love story so strong, some people swear that the story of the ‘Titanic’ movie is actually a fact. The ending is not really a happy ending, but it goes to great lengths to show the overpowering nature of true love.

An Affair to Remember

The star-crossed lovers in this movie meet on a boat cruise, where an attraction with a caveat develops; they both have partners back home that they must return to. To cover this, they make a pact to meet at the top of the Empire State Building after 6 months if they still like each other. They do, but on a fateful day, Terry, played by Deborah Kerr is hit by a car while crossing the road.


This movie is a retelling of the Shakespearean classic, ‘Hamlet’. But this time, the story is told from Ophelia’s (Hamlet’s lover) point of view, rather than Hamlet as it is in the original story. The creators of this movie could change the story view, but they couldn’t change the hands of fate. Like the play, this movie ends tragically, but none of this detracts from its emotional value.

When Harry Met Sally

Top 10 Meg Ryan Films - When Harry Met Sally

Can a man and woman just be friends? That’s the subject of this movie, through the crisscrossing lives of two graduates from the University of Chicago who share a car trip to New York, where they intend to start their lives. They strike a conversation, and amongst other topics, come to the conclusion that men and women cannot be just friends. On getting to New York, they go their separate ways. They meet again a few years later, this time, Harry is divorced.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved

This movie is based on the novel with the same title. The story kicks off when the secret love letters that a girl has been writing to the boys she loved, but never sent get exposed.


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