Actors You’re Most Likely To See In Bad Movies

New research has taken a look at actors you’re most likely to see appearing in bad movies according to professional critics. Those in the firing line include Rob Schneider, Hilary Duff and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Being a good actor doesn’t necessarily make you a bankable star. Likewise, bad actors can make huge amounts of money for studios thanks to their fame rather than their talent. Bingo Find recently took a look at actors you’re most likely to find in a bad movie with Deuce Bigelow star Rob Schneider topping the list.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Robert De Niro or Freddie Prinze Jr., the greatest exponents of the craft can deliver misses (De Niro in Showtime) just as the talentless can score a hit (Prinze Jr. in She’s All That). The brilliance of Catherine Keener or Paul Giamatti may give us performances we’ll always remember but films that are lost at the box office.

Similarly, Mark Wahlberg will turn up in a terrible Transformers movie that earns a billion US dollars worldwide while Carey Mulligan, Tilda Swinton and Adam Driver will give us the unforgettable An Education, We Need To Talk About Kevin, and Paterson, and enjoy none of the financial rewards.

Of course, it’s the types of movies these actors are making that makes a difference. In other words, it’s less about talent and more about how the product you’re putting out there captures mainstream public attention. Some purveyors of this craft aren’t interested in how many tickets are sold in cinemas while for others that’s the single most important factor between success and failure.

But as Bingo Find’s data reveals – which uses critic review scores from Metac ritic – some actors have a handy knack of appearing in more bad films than others. Going by their acting C.Vs they’re almost a guarantee that you’re going to see a bad movie.

For the men, it’s Rob Schneider who wins the unwanted title of appearing in the most “bad movies” according to professional critics’ scores. For the ladies, it’s the appropriately named Hilary Duff as The Lizzie McGuire Movie star has consistently appeared in films hated by film reviewers.

While Schneider has kept his career going by turning up for bit-parts in Adam Sandler’s productions, Duff largely turned to voice-only parts for a brief period between 2012 and 2019 before making an ill-fated return to the screen in the insensitive The Haunting of Sharon Tate. Critics naturally hated it with Rotten Tomatoes’ consensus calling it an “offensively exploitative take on real-life tragedy.”

Conversely, there are a number of actors who appear to be loved by critics. Daniel Day-Lewis can do no wrong while Adam Driver, Tom Hiddleston, Carey Mulligan, Imelda Staunton, Andy Serkis, and Greta Gerwig have a similarly strong track record.

One thing we’ve learned from Bingo Find’s research is you can look at a cast list and make a quick assumption of what the critics are going to think about it. The top 20 list of actors you’re most likely to find in a bad movie includes Marlon Wayans, Adam Sandler, Josh Duhamel, Courtney Cox, Bella Thorne, Kevin James, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Klein and Tom Arnold. So keep an eye out for them when choosing your movie!

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