Marvel Studios Loses Spider-Man As Disney Ends Deal With Sony

Deadline has revealed Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios won’t produce any more Spider-Man films due to Disney and Sony Pictures being unable to agree to terms on a co-financing deal on future projects. It means Spider-Man’s tenure in the MCU will end.

The end is nigh for Spider-Man as a character in the MCU. That is after Disney’s 50-50 co-financing stake with rights holder Sony was declined.

Spider-Man had existed outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a result of Sony owning the rights to the character. Hence we saw films like Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man set into a world that didn’t have Captain America, Iron Man and Ant-Man.

Then Sony and Disney struck a deal and head honcho at Marvel Kevin Fiege could begin integrating the character into the MCU starting with Captain America: Civil War. It led to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man playing a crucial role in The Avengers movies and produced two of its most financially successful movies in Homecoming and Far From Home.

But, unable to agree on a co-financing deal going forward, rights to the films will revert solely back to Sony with Fiege and co having no influence on the characters future.

It could mean the end of Tom Holland as the eponymous character too. Sony says it’s “disappointed” about the development and that it hopes things might “change in future” but it does look likely that the MCU will have to go on without Spider-Man.

If anyone is happy about this news, it’s Sony. The studio announced this week that Far From Home had overtaken James Bond adventure Skyfall to become its biggest box officer earner, taking in over $1 billion globally.

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