4 Movies Based On Video Games To Look Forward To 

Detective Pikachu’s run in cinemas has got us thinking about how the video game industry is inspiring upcoming movies. Here we check out 4 that we’re looking forward to…

With Detective Pikachu in cinemas, a film loosely inspired on the 2016 video game of the same name, and based on the Pokemon franchise, we thought we’d check out some upcoming films based on video games that we’re looking forward to.

Sonic the Hedgehog

It’s been a long time since Sonic the Hedgehog enjoyed mainstream popularity. 20 years ago, along with Mario and Luigi, his face was everywhere in the video console war between Sega and Nintendo. So his emergence as a film star in 2019 has plenty of nostalgia attached to it. Indeed, it befits this era of throwbacks – we’re getting new sequels to 80s and 90s films like Coming to America, Top Gun and the Bill & Ted movies while Creed II recently arrived as a pseudo sequel to Rocky IV – and will be welcomed by those who remembered playing the character’s most popular games in their youth. Sonic the Hedgehog’s big screen outing was supposed to be released in 2019 but has been pushed back to next year in order for the studio to tinker with the animation after criticism following the unveiling of the first trailer.

Tomb Raider 2

Following the successful reboot of Tomb Raider, with actress Alicia Vikander in the role of Lara Croft, a sequel was almost inevitable. The video game has already enjoyed its moment on the big screen with Angelina Jolie starring in a couple of early 2000s adaptations but the franchise failed to take-off in the same way as Resident Evil. However, around $275 million at the worldwide box office for the reboot says audiences still want to see Croft’s adventures. With a huge following and popular appeal, Tomb Raider isn’t just a game; you can buy the licensed t-shirt, mug, wristwatch, cosplay outfit, action figure, and if you play slot games, try your hand at the 5 reel 15 pay line slot machine. It’s a franchise that has legs and, with Free Fire co-writer Amy Jump on board to script the next film, one that keeps on giving.

Call Of Duty

The film adaption of Call of Duty has been in development for years but progress was made in 2019 when director Stefano Sollima, the man behind Sicario: Day of the Soldado, was hired to helm it. He seems like the ideal foil for a cinematic video game that’s built on the sorts of covert military operations that Sollima loves. While there are no guarantees that commercial success is a given, the popularity of Call of Duty, and its inherent action movie-like qualities, make it a perfect big screen vehicle.


Uncharted gets me excited because it doesn’t hide its nods to Indiana Jones and that, in my book, makes it ideal for a good big screen adventure. To feature the talents of Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, it’s another video game that has, for many years, been rumoured to be close to a film adaptation. Now things are definitely in motion with the casting of hero Nathan Drake complete and Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker finalising the script. Recognised as an immersive, entertaining action-packed third-person shooter, the game has enjoyed significant commercial success and sold over 41 million copies. Its penchant for adventure lends itself well to film with great movie franchise potential.

These are our picks of some of the more interesting video game to movie adaptations coming soon. While such films often range from the sublime to the ridiculous, the four we’ve picked here possess the talent on and behind the screen to suggest there’s plenty to get excited about.

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