“Dog Soldiers” Writer-Director Neil Marshall Sets Out To Scare Us Senseless With “The Reckoning”

Renowned writer/director Neil Marshall, who has created films such as The Descent and Dog Soldiers, is on set with his latest scary movie The Reckoning.

The latest film from Neil Marshall will feature Joe Anderson (The Crazies), Steven Waddington (Jamestown), Sean Pertwee ( who appeared in Dog Soldiers) and Charlotte Kirk (who has co-written the script).

Also starring Emma Campbell-Jones, Callum Goulden (who you may remember from Ghost Stories recently), Mark Ryan, Leon Ockenden, Suzanne Magowan, Olicia Trevena, Indianna Ryan and newcomer Sarah Lambie, joining previously cast Emma Holzer, Rick Warden, Bill Fellows and Ian Whyte.

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Neil Marshall’s The Descent.

The film is set against the backdrop of the Great Plague and the subsequent witch hunts that are taking place. The plot circles around Grace Haverstock (Kirk) as she struggles to cope with the tragic death of her husband Joseph (Anderson) in a society consumed by death and fear.

After rejecting the advances of Squire Pendleton, her landlord, (Waddington), Grace finds herself falsely accused of being a witch. Now in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, she must now endure physical persecution at the hands of Judge Moorcroft (Pertwee), England’s most ruthless and feared with hunter. Facing her own demons with the world seemingly against her, Grace must battle her inner demons, as the devil himself begins to enter into her fractured mind.

From a script by Edward Evers-Swindell (The Descent), Kirk and Marshall, Highland Film Group is selling world rights on the picture.

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Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers.

Marshall has expressed: “The Reckoning is more than just a movie to me. It’s a story, based on real events, that needs telling, but most of all it’s a chance for me to return to my horror roots and, just as I did with Dog Soldiers and The Descent before it, scare the proverbial sh*t out of audiences around the world.

“This film is the product of a unique and highly creative collaboration, and I have assembled an incredible array of talent, both in front of the camera and behind, to bring this powerful story to life. So be warned, The Reckoning is coming…”

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