Reliving The 1980s: Great Games To Play Based On Eighties Movies

It’s throwback time. We go back to the days when brushing your teeth was cause to have an argument with your mum and running was a chore not an exercise. Yes, the days when we were young and carefree. Here we check out games that remind us of 1980s movies.

We all love eighties movies.

Okay, me and you (the wonderful reader), love eighties movies and we can’t get enough of re-runs of Back To The Future, Aliens and The Breakfast Club. But when we’ve had enough repeats for one afternoon it might be time to turn our attention to some other nostalgic treats for our fill of retro fun.

How about games based on eighties movies? Here I take a look at 4 games based on films from the decade to help fill that spandex and permed hair void.

Escape From New York

You might have trouble finding this gem from the 1980s as the game hasn’t been manufactured for decades but it’s the prized possession of collectors. Based on the cult hit film from John Carpenter, Escape From New York was released by TSR (the guys behind Dungeons and Dragons) in 1981 and sees you play Snake Plissken on a rescue mission inside the city-turned-prison-complex. Many of the familiar characters from the film appear throughout as you build up your arsenal and your allies in an attempt to survive. Its faithfulness to the movie distinguishes the gameplay and gives it a truly nostalgic edge.

Top Gun

A number of eighties movies have inspired various online casino games such as Aliens, Scarface, Ghostbusters and Dirty Dancing but my favourite remains Top Gun. It’s an officially licensed game released by slots specialist Playtech and therefore boasts great use of music, sounds and characters authentic to the movie. The “All-Ways” tech to drive the game’s pay-out algorithm means with every spin there’s 243 ways to win making it an entertaining and rewarding game to play.


10 Great One Location Films - Clue

Okay, okay, the game isn’t based on the movie, rather the movie is based on the game but what the hell. Cluedo is one of my favourite 1980s movies and I’m absolutely positive it’s one of yours too. Relive the fun of “whodunnit” with Colonel Mustard, Professor Green and the rest as you work your way around the board trying to figure out if it was the candlestick in the library or the dagger in the kitchen. The great thing about Cluedo is that it’s a board game that’s still made today and easily accessible either brand new or second hand. You might even own a copy of it yourself!

RoboCop VCR Game

If nostalgia is what you want, then there’s nothing like dusting off the aging VCR to play the RoboCop game. Granted, there won’t be many with a working video cassette player nowadays but if you can find one (and a copy of the game) then this entertaining throwback promises a few hours of eighties entertainment. The VHS tape accompanying the game features footage from the film but has been edited in such a way to make its footage suitable for younger players (recommended for those 12 years and above). The winner is the player who can make four arrests first before journeying safely back to the police station.

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Rory Fish has loved movies since he can remember. If he was to put together an "all time" top 10 of absolute favourites it would have to include North By Northwest, 12 Angry Men and Sunset Boulevard.

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