Samantha Morton Praises Woody Allen As “Kind, Funny & Wonderful To Work With”

Despite facing accusations of abuse, Samantha Morton has defended Woody Allen, saying she shall remain “forever grateful” for the experience of working with the filmmaker.

Recently Samantha Morton, who worked on Woody Allen’s film Sweet and Lowdown in 1999 has expressed her respect for the director. She stated she has no regrets working with him and that she shall remain “forever grateful” for the experience to do so.

When speaking to Vanity Fair she stated: “I was working for a director who was kind, funny, and wonderful to work with. It changed my life. And I’m forever grateful for that.” Morton played a mute laundry woman in Sweet and Lowdown, who falls head over heels for Emmet Ray (Sean Penn), a role which lead to her being nominated as best supporting actress at the Oscars.

This is not the first time Morton has publicly held Allen in high regard since he faced accusations of abuse from his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow. The accusations first emerged in 1992, when she was aged seven, and is something which the director continues to deny. The assault is said to have taken place in the home of Dylan’s adoptive mother, Mia Farrow, an actress living then in Bridgewater Connecticut.

In 2014, Morton spoke with The Guardian, and explained how she had faced sexual abuse a number of times while in residential care. “I’m terribly sorry for the situation that is publicly known. It’s heartbreaking.

“I was sexually abused. Some of the people that hurt me can’t be brought to justice for complications of time. I have full sympathy for anybody who says that happens to them, and it needs to be taken incredibly seriously.”

In the wake of Farrow’s allegations against her father, various former collaborators with Allen, including Greta Gerwig, Colin Firth, Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Hall publicly stated they would not work with the director again.

The allegations have also lead to Allen launching legal action against Amazon, once they shelved A Rainy Day in New York, a film Allen shot for the studio back in 2017. They cancelled the contract after citing Farrow’s allegations alongside Allen’s response to the #MeToo campaign.

Despite this, a number of other actors have defended working with Allen including Anjelica Huston, Jude Law and Javier Bardem, all of whom have stated they would happily work with the director again.

At the moment Allen is shooting a film in Spain, previously titled Rifkin’s Festival, starring Gina Gershon, Elena Anaya and Christoph Waltz. Allen has expressed: “ I never think of retiring.”

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