Meow Mix: The Top 10 Best Films With Cats

Not all cats just lay around all day… some make movies”! Keep reading for our “meow mix”: the top 10 best films with cats.

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Some people love them and others claim to hate them. But regardless of the meow mix of reviews they receive, one thing is for certain — they’re irresistible on the big screen. Not to mention, they’re as versatile as the best actors and actresses themselves!

That’s why we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on our feline friends in Hollywood for all their hard work and joy they bring to us on and off the big screen.

There are hundreds of movies about cats out there, or at least with prominent cat figures. They play the villains, the heroes, the best friends, the beacons of wisdom, the warning signs, and so much more.

To pay tribute to our feline friends, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best films with cats—a meow mix if you will. So get your popcorn ready and grab yourself a glass of Catbernet, because you’re about to have yourself a meowathon!

(Disclaimer: we are NOT sorry for any cat puns you may encounter).

Here are our top ten cat movies (in no purrticular order):

The Wizard Of Oz

“Do you think Oz could give me courage?” asked the cowardly lion.

Who doesn’t love the cowardly lion from this classic film? He’s the last stray that Dorothy picks up on the Yellow Brick Road. While he may come off as a big scaredy-cat, getting bopped in the nose by Dorothy herself, we know that there was courage in that lovable lion all along.

The Cat In The Hat

Who better to teach us about trust than the eccentric Cat in the Hat played by Mike Myers?

The famous cat is the very definition of mischief—he visits the home of two children who are alone while their mother is out. He makes an absolute mess, all the while telling them that their mother won’t mind. Of course, by the time the mother comes home, he has quickly cleaned up his mess and has disappeared. While the story is supposed to teach children about lying (and stranger danger), it leaves us wishing that our cats would clean up their own messes as well.

The Pink Panther

Originally, the term Pink Panther referred to an actual diamond in the British comedy-crime serious about an inept detective. The term came from the fact that the diamond was pink and had a flaw in the centre which resembled that of a panther.

The animated pink panther would appear in the opening and closing credits of the British series — until he later became the centre of a cartoon series in America, and then again a movie.

To this day, the Pink Panther is still an elusive and mysterious icon from our childhood—but if there’s one thing we know now as adults, it’s that the Pink Panther in our beloved cartoon show was actually a professional thief (or a cat burglar)

The Lion King

The Lion King, Disney, Film

Simba, Nala, Mufasa, and Scar are some of the biggest cat names in movies.

The Lion King isn’t just one of the greatest Disney films of all times—it’s one of the greatest films and broadway plays of all times. (And Scar is arguably one of the most furmidable cat villains ever created).

The movie has everything you could possibly want or need — love, action, adventure, drama, self-discovery, life lessons, triumph, great sing-alongs — and of course, the phrase that will live within you forever: Hakuna Matata.

Puss In Boots

Who can resist the Latin lover of cats? Or the animated film adaptation of a “fairytale” with questionable morals?

Both Puss in Boots and Kitty Softpaws make an adorable dynamic duo of outlaws, all the while enraging parents that have small children with the same innuendos that make those of us without kids crack up.

With his big eyes, incredible dance moves and Latin accent, Puss in Boots has forever won our hearts.


Top 10 Michelle Pfeiffer Films

That’s right — Catwoman is one of the best things to come out of the Batman saga, and we’re not kittening around!

We love that becoming Catwoman transforms a passive woman into a powerful, independent, overtly sexual being who speaks in double entendres throughout the entire film.

A cat lady gone rogue after an attempted murder by her own boss is absolutely classic. And we’re just going to go ahead and say it: Out of all the ladies who played the part, Michelle Pfeiffer was the best Catwoman. Period.


The fat, slovenly, indifferent orange tabby with an insatiable appetite still wins our hearts—no matter how sarcastic and mean he can be.

Let’s be honest, aside from Bill Murray as the voice of Garfield, the movie was less than purrfect. But that cynical fat cat who is a lover of naps and hater of Mondays is all of us.

Although watching him scarf down so much junk food makes us a bit queasy.

Speaking of queasy, if your cat suffers from tummy issues, you should look into CBD oil for cats with nausea. Also, please don’t feed your cat lasagne!


Michael Key + Peele Keegan + adorable kitten = a hilarious action-comedy about a guy trying to get his stolen kitten back. From a gangster. It just has all the right stuff to make it meow-mix approved.

Just when you think every movie plot is overdone, a kitten named Keanu comes to the rescue. It’s also just more insight about how cats can cause mischief in your life, even when they’re not around.

The best part of Keanu (despite the fact that he’s named after Keanu Reeves) – he has a condition that makes him stay an adorable kitten forever! (Oops—spoiler alert! Hey, at least it wasn’t another cat pun).

Hocus Pocus

Oh, the black cat. The witches familiar, the harbinger of bad luck, or, Thackery Binx. Binx for short, as we affectionately remember him from the classic Halloween film about three ditsy witches.

Binx was once a 17th-century teenager who was turned into a black cat for all eternity when trying to save his sister from the witches. Of course, he wasn’t just a black cat—he was a black cat that could talk (and make fun of virgins).

Rather than hanging around and causing mayhem as other cats do, he helped his new human friends banish the witches once and for all, gaining his freedom and reuniting with his sister in the afterlife.

Gotta love a happy ending for our feline friends.

Lady And The Tramp

While Lady and the Tramp may be a Disney classic about dogs, it still makes it into our meow mix top ten for its famous cat scene.

There are a lot of people who think of cats as prey to dogs rather than predators, but cat people know the truth: cats can be terrorising bullies, especially to dogs. This definitely holds true to the sinister pair of Siamese cats in the film, known as Si and AM.

As they break out into their famous verses “we are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please”, they terrorise Lady’s home. She is then blamed for the mess they make and the crimes they commit.

Let’s just say, we please and we don’t please!

Honorable Meowntions

Unfortunately, not every famous cat was able to claw their way into our meow mix top ten. But that doesn’t mean they don’t hold a special place in our hearts! So here are the runners up of cat movies that almost made the list:

● Milo from Milo and Otis
● Sassy from Homeward Bound
● Marie, Toulouse, Duchess, Berlioz, and Thomas from The Aristocats
● Bagheera from The Jungle Book
● Jinx from Meet the Parents
● The Tiger from The Hangover

We could go on and on about our favourite cat movies or the best cat movies throughout history, but if we don’t stop now it’ll go on furrever. And so will the cat puns.

Written and Compiled by Amilia Totten

Over to you: what are your fave cat movies?

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