Effects And Functions Of Moonstone & Diamond Ring Darken Solution

In the gem world, moonstone has been given the reputation of “Gemstone Goddess”. Not only that, moonstone is also known as “the stone of lovers” and “lover stone”. Although the moonstone is not a “famous name”, it still receives the enthusiasm of people in the gem world.

Moonstone is a very popular gem in the market in recent years. Indeed, it even makes appearances in film. Professor Severus Snape, the seemingly villainous wizard in the Harry Potter movies, assigned his fifth-year students a twelve-inch long essay on the properties of moonstones in potion-making.

There are some substances inside the gem that look like moonlight which looks very beautiful. It is said that moonstone also has functions of weight loss, fat loss, promoting sleeping and increasing beauty and so on, so it is favored by the majority of consumers. However, most people do not understand the moonstone, so what is the moonstone, and what are the effects and functions of the moonstone?

1. Change people’s eating habits

Many people say that moonstone can lose weight, in fact, this is based. Because moonstone can change people’s eating habits to a certain extent, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. It also changes people’s eating habits, but also promotes people to sleep better. This is very helpful for improving people’s health and skin quality. Therefore, Moonstone has certain sleep and beauty effects. Therefore, the moonstone can not only be used as a decorative object, but the actual effect is also very good.

2. To prevent people from sleepwalking at night

Moonstone is a very gentle and soft gemstone, its common sense is crystal clear, the internal structure is unique, in the reflection of light it can emit a soft blue light, as if it is the gentle and cold moonlight at night, so quiet and comfortable. Some people say that there may be some unique substances inside the moonstone, so wearing moonstone can better sleep, to some extent alleviate and prevent people’s sleepwalking habits, and greatly improve people’s sleep quality and health.

3. To prevent people from certain diseases

Moonstone is very mild, it is said to prevent cancer and edema and other diseases. And because the sun wheel in the moonstone has a certain stimulating effect on people’s solar plexus, although people may have some pain when they get through the sun, the back can make people’s vision more clear. In addition, it is said that moonstone has a certain balance effect on the female endocrine system, and has a soothing effect on the female physiological period. However, it is best not to wear moonstone during the physiological period.

4. Adjust people’s bad mood

Sometimes people’s temperament is very violent, no matter what kind of person will always feel uncomfortable, so the character shows impulsive and violent emotions, it is said that moonstone can regulate this people bad emotions, enable people to calm down quickly, and then let rational thinking take control of the brain and prevent people from making bad things and decisions because of their violent mood. This is something that many friends like very much, because the world is impermanent, wearing a moonstone feels able to find a sustenance for themselves.

In fact, not to talk about the various effects and functions of moonstone, moonstone is also a very beautiful decoration, and it is not worse than any crafts, it is no wonder that it has the reputation of “gem goddess”.

Some people often ask, after the diamond getnamenecklace ring is worn for a while, the diamond is gradually darkened. Does it mean that the quality of the diamond ring is problematic?

Why does the diamond darken? How to avoid this happening? How to solve it after it happens?

In addition to its own luster, the dazzling brilliance of diamonds is largely due to cuts. When the light hits the diamond, a part of the light will be reflected by the surface of the diamond, producing externally reflected light; the rest of the light will enter the inside of the diamond and shoot on each cut surface, which is the main source of diamond fire.

Why does the diamond darken? There is only one truth, that is – your maintenance is bad! Let the pearls get dusty! Diamond is the hardest natural mineral in the world, and it can’t wear on its surface when worn everyday. But the carbon atoms that make up the diamond are very lipophilic, from the soot in the kitchen to the lotion in the skin, all have their favorite oil. After a long time, the surface of the diamond absorbs a layer of grease, which greatly affects the diamond reflection and refraction effects on light.

No matter how big the diamonds are, and if they are not bright, they are not beautiful. How to make the diamond shine again?

There is a simple way: pour professional diamond detergent into a disposable cup (if you don’t have, you can use a neutral detergent instead, such as hand sanitizer, remember to add water), then put the ring into the soak 5 – After 10 minutes, take it out and gently clean the surface with a soft brush. Finally rinse it with warm water! Although the operation is simple, there are 3 details to pay attention to.

1. Toothpaste can not be used

Toothpaste contains fine, high-hardness abrasive particles, although invisible to the naked eye, its hardness similar to that crystal. If it is repeatedly rubbed against the surface of the diamond, it may cause wear.

2. Strong alkaline detergent can not be used

Soap, soap powder, and washing powder are all very alkaline. These can’t be used to clean diamonds.

3. You can easily solve the problem of setting darkening

The most common setting material on the market is 18K gold, and 18K gold is made up of 75% gold combined with other metals, and it will be darkened by the erosion of soot, dust and dirt. So when you clean the diamonds, you can also brush it. After brushing, you will have a brand new ring!

How to avoid darkening diamonds

Although the hardness of the diamond is very high, it is easy for everyone to wear and maintain. But if you want to have a diamond ring that has always been beautiful, it is best to watch out.

1. Don’t wear it when makeup or doing housework

Cosmetics have more or less bleaching substances, although they will not damage the diamonds, they will cause the setting to change color or fade, affecting the overall beauty of the diamond ring.

In addition, please remove the diamond ring when doing housework, grease will affect the luster of the diamond. Of course, it is best not to wear it when doing sports, in case the diamond ring hits the hard object!

2. Properly kept

If the diamond ring is not worn for a long time, don’t just put it with other jewels (not afraid of diamond damage, but fear that it will damage other gems, after all, the diamond is the hardest).

Be sure to put it in a separate box. If you have a ziplock bag at home, it would be better. You can isolate the diamond ring from the air and protect it with one more layer.

3. Regular maintenance

Regularly send the diamond ring to the jewelry store for inspection every year to see if the ring is loose or worn, so that the damage of the diamond ring can be effectively avoided.


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