Top 10 Films Set In Italy

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When you are ready to check movies out again though, the sheer range of choice is also very attractive. There have been a number of films set in Italy over the years and they help to showcase what this romantic, passionate and lively country is all about. Here is the top-ten of Italian based films to get some Mediterranean sun into your life.

Roman Holiday

Set in the 1950’s, this is an all-time movie classic and one that is set in stunning Rome. Starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, this film is well-known for using the many fabulous sights of Rome to full effect. If you like romantic films, this is a real winner.

The Godfather

Of course, we had to include this one on our list! Not only a cinematic masterpiece, this is one movie that really showed how beautiful the Italian mainland and the island of Sicily are when it was released in 1972.

Under The Tuscan Sun

Tuscany is a magical part of Italy and one with scenic vistas that make perfect film locations. This 2003 film sees Diane Lane’s main character move to a Tuscan villa to start a new life. The Tuscan countryside makes a stunning backdrop to this film’s tale of romance and new beginnings.

Eat, Pray, Love

Eat Pray Love

This Julia Roberts classic sees her divorced character take a trip around the world to heal her emotional wounds. Italy is one of the stops on her tour and is the high point of the film for many. It is not only the Mediterranean views which inspire but also the language and food she encounters.

A Room With A View

Set in beautiful Florence, you also get to see some of the stunning Tuscan countryside with this movie. Making the most of the architecture of Florence in particular, the plot has Helena Bonham Carter’s main character struggle with the repressive values of Edwardian England.

Only You

Italy’s air of charm and flirtation makes it a great place to film rom-coms. This 1994 effort from director Norman Jewison did not do that well on release but gained a following in the years afterwards. Much of the attraction is provide by the awesome locations it visits, from Rome to Venice and the Amalfi Coast. With great performances from Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr., this shows Italy at its best.

Life Is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

Interestingly, this Italian-based foreign language film won at Oscar! While the plot’s focus on a bookkeeper in wartime Italy helped, many viewers mainly loved the charming town of Arezzo where it was filmed. With a real sense of Italian beauty and culture, Arezzo helps to offset the film’s more morose themes.

The Talented Mr Ripley

Although this twisting thriller is set all over Italy, it is perhaps the Amalfi Coast scenes which deliver the best advert for the country. The coastline has sweeping views of the Mediterranean and quaint towns to visit, something that this Matt Damon / Jude Law cracker captures perfectly.

Letters to Juliet

Historic Verona gets the movie treatment in Letters to Juliet. The film has Amanda Seyfried’s character find a 50-year old love letter at the site of Juliet’s balcony in the city. As well as seeing just how gorgeous Verona is, this movie also takes you into the Tuscan countryside.

The Italian Job

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A real movie classic from the 1960’s was this crime caper with Michael Caine. Not only does this film show Turin in all its glory but also the stunning Great St Bernard Pass as well. Who cannot marvel at the rooftop race around the old Fiat factory track?!

Escape to the sun with an Italian classic

As you can see, a wide range of films have used Italy as their setting. While romantic films have done this the most, other genres have also borrowed some Italian flair, too. If you are stuck for something to watch and want a little sun in your life, any of the above films are a great choice.

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    Neal Damiano Reply

    Great list but Cinema Paradiso??

  2. Avatar
    Mark Fraser Reply

    @Neal – not sure Paradiso belongs here; with the obvious exception of Life is Beautiful, the entries seem to be made by either non Italians or Italian Americans. If more homegrown talent was in the running I’d suggest Fellini’s Roma, De Sica’s The Bycycle Thief, Visconti’s The Leopard and Pasolini’s Salo (which I think was set in a place called Marzabotto). None of these options, though, are particularly romantic (with the exception of bits of Roma). Chances are Pasolini killed Marzabotto’s tourist trade.

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