“Top Gun: Maverick” Trailer Surprises Fans At Comic Con

Tom Cruise has thrilled fans at Comic Con in San Diego with a surprise unveiling of the first full length trailer for the new Top Gun movie.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun Maverick

Tom Cruise loves to surprise his fans and today he’s done just that. He’s made an unannounced appearance at San Diego Comic Con to unveil the new full length trailer for Top Gun: Maverick. The film sees the actor return to a role that has remained a 1980s favourite amongst Cruise fanatics and action movie aficionados.

In what he calls a “love letter to aviation”, the trailer features some sparkling aerial photography including front-mounted 6K cameras looking back at the pilot that showcase groundbreaking high-definition. The sense of speed conveyed is incredible and captured wonderfully in a few moments featured in the 2-minute trailer such as when Maverick takes off from a Navy ship. The film’s production is heavy on practical photography with limited use of CGI.

While we know Goose died in the original film, director Joseph Kosinski ensures Maverick’s friend and former co-pilot won’t be forgotten with Miles Teller playing Goose’s son who becomes the aging pilot’s protege. Val Kilmer also returns, reprising his role as fellow renegade pilot, Iceman.

“Aviators are back, the need for speed,” Cruise has said of the film. “We’re going to have big, fast machines. It’s going to be a competition film, like the first one … but a progression for Maverick.”

Also starring Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm and Ed Harris, Top Gun: Maverick has been in development since 2010 when the late Tony Scott was going to return to the director’s chair having made the original. After his death, Tron: Legacy director Kosinski, who directed Cruise on Oblivion, was brought in to take the hot seat.

Top Gun: Maverick will be released on June 16, 2020.

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    Mark Fraser Reply

    Fans will wonder how it is that Maverick has remained so fit, but Iceman has chubbed up when they are serving in the same arm of the military. Obviously they don’t go for morning jogs or workouts together… Either that or Iceman has taken a desk job or become a civilian.

  2. Avatar
    Rory Reply

    Haha… it’ll be fun to find out how they’ve factored that in. But I like that Kilmer makes an appearance… adds to that pinch of nostalgia.

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