How To Become A Successful Artist In Electronic Dance Music

Do you have a vision in becoming a star artist by performing electronic dance musicals and make a name for yourself in the process?

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What better time to start, especially now when it’s gaining popularity? To become successful, you need to adhere to basic concepts and put in work as there’s no shortcut to a successful career. Here’s some tips you must understand to become a success in your endeavors;

  1. Familiarise with modern industry

Time has changed and to join the big leagues you must shun away from naïve, unrealistic, and disconnected views you see in social media or flashy magazines. You have to know what happens behind the scenes. Are you seeking to connect with a manager, agent, or a label? You need to have your priorities straight. The industry is dynamic, and you need a plan that will enable you to maneuver within the industry.

To become successful, you don’t need to wait for funding or obtain a loan to produce albums, go on tours or TV advertisements. Create an online presence in various social media platforms with little or no money investments to ensure your music reaches the masses. After which endorsers will be blowing up your phone with calls once your sites generate traffic.

  1. Set goals

You must have a clear vision board of items you intend to achieve. Top 100 artists don’t get to where they are by lazing around. They are driven by purpose, are dedicated to their work, discipline, and are determined. There are obstacles, and you’ll realize music making isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you’re on the verge of giving up, remind oneself why you’re pursuing dance music.

List your goals; if you are driven by parting, quick fame and lots of money, there’s a problem. You need to be passionate about making a difference to your generation. To make it, people have to identify with the music you’re selling.

One can draw a timeline on when they want a release to happen, which venue to play in and intention of doubling amount of fans. This way, you stay focused and are dedicated to music, thus becoming successful in the long run.

  1. Marketing

To ensure success in dance music, one need’s to have a targeted audience who prefer your genre. Create a brand image through logo or performance where people can easily find you. This way, people can spread to others about your music’s existence.

  1. Making money

There’re several ways to earn a living out of electronic dance music. A person can focus on traditional means, including getting gigs and playing live at events, sign with a label or music sales. However, if that seems like too much work, try smart money making technics through crowd-funding via sites like kick-starter, try becoming a music teacher by offering a course online and become a tutor to another artist via Skype and charge an hourly basis. Become creative in looking for ways of generating money via music.


To become a successful EDM artist, you need to emulate top 100 artists. Try capitalizing on a niche that you see various artists specialize indifferently from the rest, take notes. Success is progressive. Thus it’ll take time to emerge among top artists.

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