80s Family Sci-fi Adventure “Flight Of The Navigator” Gets 4K Scan Ready For New Blu-ray

Flight of the Navigator, the fun 1980s fantasy-adventure about a boy who gets abducted by a friendly alien only to be returned home years later, has been scanned at 4K in preparation for a new, limited edition Blu-ray release.

Flight of the Navigator, 1986 - Joey Cramer

1986’s Flight of the Navigator may well be best known for Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair or child star turned real life bank robber Joey Cramer. But it does accomplish one key thing: it’s a great children’s movie.

It all begins in 1978 when 12-year-old David Freeman (Cramer) is knocked unconscious while playing and wakes to discover he’s been missing for eight years. His family have moved home, his little brother is no longer “little” anymore, and the world is very different.

NASA scientists believe he’s been abducted by aliens and entice his parents to let them conduct research on their son in order to find out where he’s been for so many years, not ageing more than a day while everyone else is eight years older.

But NASA has a secret; it has a spaceship it’s trying to gain entry to and thinks David can help them. But both the spaceship’s onboard operator and the young boy share a common will to escape the prodding and probing on NASA doctors and together plot an escape.

It has the adventure and sense of wide-eyed wonder that made E.T. so great, it has some memorable otherworldly characters, and a joyous, feelgood ending. It also has a lovable, relatable lead – a nice guy teenager who loves his family but suffers from recognisable anxieties: the unruly younger brother, the first crush and possible rejection, the search for identity.

The limited edition BLu-ray from Second Sight features a reversible sleeve boasting new and original artwork, brand new interviews, a 100-page soft cover book with Kleiser’s complete original storyboard and a new essay by Kevin Lyons, and a new restoration of the negative supervised by director Randal Kleiser.

• Brand New Second Sight 4K Scan and Restoration supervised by Director Randal Kleiser
• Directing the Navigator – New Interview With Randal Kleiser
• Playing The Navigator – New interview with Joey Cramer
• Mother of The Navigator – New interview with Veronica Cartwright
• Brother of The Navigator – New interview with Matt Adler
• Art of the Navigator – New interviews with Jeff Kleiser, Randal Kleiser and Edward Eyth
• Audio Commentary with Randal Kleiser and Producer Jonathan Sanger
• Reversible sleeve with new and original artwork
• Optional English subtitles for the hard of hearing

• Rigid slipcase with new artwork by Rich Davies
• 100-page soft cover book with Randal Kleiser’s complete original storyboard, new essay by Kevin
Lyons, original production notes, behind the scenes photos
• Reversible poster with new and original artwork

Flight of the Navigator arrives on limited edition Blu-ray in the UK on August 26.

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