Stranger Things In Numbers: Season 3 Is The Deadliest Series So Far 

The highly-anticipated third series of Stranger Things takes us back to the hapless town of Hawkins – but now it’s 1985, and the gang are all grown up. It’s been two years since the second season wrapped up so you’d be forgiven for forgetting some of the key plot points – but you don’t need to keep the curiosity door locked.

Top 10 1980s Movie References In "Stranger Things"

To catch up with the franchise so far, visit Stranger Things in Numbers – a new interactive guide that dissects all 25 episodes, from season one to three, to reveal which Stranger Things characters are mouthbreathers and which don’t lie. The detailed breakdown also highlights the episodes that feature the most Demogorgons, the most psionic power uses and the most visits to the Upside Down, so you don’t have to resort to playing Dungeons and Dragons to get your fantasy fix.

The comprehensive analysis reveals that S2 Chapter Nine: The Gate features the most Demogorgon appearances, while S2 Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister features the most psionic power uses. S3 Chapter Six: The Birthday contains the most notable character deaths with three, making the third season the deadliest so far. The newest season includes eight notable deaths overall, meaning it’s twice as deadly as the first series and four times deadlier than the second – but don’t worry, there are no spoilers here.

The third season also boasts the most fights and fallouts, with Jim Hopper claiming the title of the most argumentative and most often apprehended character from the franchise. The chief of police is involved in 19 fights, fallouts and confrontations overall – a good portion of which are with Joyce Byers. There are 139 Demogorgon appearances, 98 psionic power uses and 24 visits to the Upside Down throughout the series, with Eleven being the character who’s made the most visits to the alternate dimension other than Will.

You may have a favourite Stranger Things character, but did you know that it was a long process to secure the current cast, or which monstrous icons inspired the Demogorgon’s design? Did you catch all of the 80s film references throughout the third series, or keep track of all Lucas and Dustin’s fallouts? As well as breaking down each episode across ten key categories, including romantic liaisons, arrests and locations visited, the guide also features trivia, fan theories, season synopses and more to turn your world Upside Down.

To view the full breakdown, visit Stranger Things in Numbers.


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