Superhero Movies Glorify War Says Director Lucrecia Martel

Director Lucrecia Martel is one of the MCU’s most vocal critics and in a recent q and a in Barcelona she reiterated her stance that the comic book movies glorify war.

Lucrecia Martel

“Why do the highest-grossing Marvel films have the word “War” in the title or a military reference with Captain America?” questioned Lucrecia Martel during a public q and a in Barcelona.

The Argentine filmmaker, known for The Headless Woman and Zama, was approached to direct Black Widow but discussions didn’t get past the first meeting with the studio. She has revealed when speaking at a masterclass at Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festivalin and quoted in The Pioneer that Marvel wanted to take the helm for a story heavily character-based but that, crucially, the studio would handle the action sequences.

Martel said marvel told her not to “worry about the action scenes” as these will be taken care of. “I was thinking, well I would love to meet Scarlett Johansson but also I would love to make the action sequences.”

Now, the woman film scholar Paul Julian Smith once wrote was “arguably the most critically acclaimed auteur in Spanish-language art cinema outside Latin America”, has taken the opportunity to criticise the hugely popular superhero franchise again by asking an audience, “Why do we need to tell war stories with horribly bad guys and jolly good guys?”.

She attacked Hollywood for its artificial feminism (“Wonder Woman is not going to save women from the dictatorship of having a wasp waist” and the existence of female superheroes fails to mean the issue is “solved”).

Martel most recently made the critically acclaimed historical drama Zama. Black Widow, under the direction of Cate Shortland, is currently filming.

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