Best Woody Allen Movies

Four films which underline why Woody Allen is one of cinema’s greatest artists, both as a writer, director and actor.

Top 10 Woody Allen One-Liners

Woody Allen is a genuinely gifted director whose works serve as the embodiment of his personal outlook. A great representative of his era he managed to create movies which eventually became classics of cinema.  Repeatedly, film critics from all over the world have put him down as one of the most influential filmmakers of the modern century. Not only is Woody Allen famous as a talented director, but also as a writer, comic and actor. His movie heritage is singular, his work diverse.

Allen is also known as the creator of intellectual comedy comprising sharp humour and elements of psychology inspired by Ingmar Bergman art films. Allen is a phenomenon across world cinema; his style distinguished as unique and deeply personal. A huge fan of absurd, exquisite satire and cunning mockery he’s responsible for a number of fils which would be considered classics in their own right.  So instead of spending your evening playing at the best online casino NZ 2019, indulge your inner cinema lover and enjoy the best movies of Woody Allen.

Love and Death (1975)

Top 10 Woody Allen One-Liners

Woody Allen made one of the most hilarious comedies with “Love and Death”. He managed to create explicitly ingenious humour, which caustically but at the same time cunningly derides Russian culture. It is visible that he mixed such notorious works as “War and Peace”, “Fathers and Sons” as well as “Crime and Punishment”.  In this story, a young nobleman put lots of efforts to avoid joining Napoleon ‘s army: for him, the better option is to stay at home and maintain intellectual dialogues with the noble people instead of fighting in the bloody war.

Annie Hall (1977)

Top 10 Woody Allen One-Liners

The main character, a stand-up comedian, with humour and deep irony tells the story of his life and about the relationships with people around him. He analyses sceptically his failures made in his personal life and reveals some moments related to his previously beloved women. The foremost role in this movie belongs to the dialogue. The words are filled with colourful metaphors, tragedy and honesty.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972)

Everything you always wanted to know about sex, woody allen, film

Allen skilfully orchestrates the symphony of the most burning sexual topics such as bestiality and fetishism.  This extraordinary comedy is based on David Ruben’s book and consists of seven thematically connected episodes. Without being afraid to expose himself as a complete laughing stock, he plays the role of panicking spermatozoon or presents the royal jester with ease, telling each story with particular grotesque.

Manhattan (1979)

Manhattan, Woody Allen, iconic image, new york city,

It’s a marvellous movie to watch after the tedious working day. Having a strong desire to quit the disastrous work and usual circle of hateful acquaintances, a TV screenwriter decides to add some bright colours to his dull life and accidentally starts a romance with his friend’s lover. Unexpectedly, he finds himself surrounded with lies, untruthfulness, hypocrisy and idle talk. “Manhattan” pictures the eternal motion of the  city while it silently whispers about the foremost value in life – the ability to trust someone.

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